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Snapchat Presents the Most Inspiring AR Campaigns of 2020

As people connect virtually rather than in person, they’ve been using their devices more than ever. That’s the truth behind Snapchat’s assertion that, “In a year of new normals, Snapchat’s camera has played a pivotal role in bringing us together, even when we’re apart.”

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That’s the declaration made at the beginning of Snapchat’s Most Inspiring AR Campaigns of 2020. It goes on to list 12 creative applications of AR for marketing that include the following:

1. Gucci’s AR Shoe Try-on


2. NYX Professional Makeup Virtual Store + Try-on Experience

3. Black Pumas 5G Concert by Verizon

4. “Raise Your Voice” from the Rebuild Foundation

The project set out a collaboration on art inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement and the pandemic. Snapchatters could use it to customize “AR masks, accessorize their Bitmoji avatars, and buy physical masks to support Black artists.” Also, for the anniversary of the March on Washington, Rebuild used Landmarker tech to display AR artwork at Capitol Building.

5. WHO Global Donation Lens

“The United Nations and World Health Organization launched the first-ever global donation AR Lens to raise awareness about the critical resources needed in the initial stages of the pandemic. The experience was triggered by scanning international currency notes, making the call-to-action feel clear and urgent.”

6. Biden-Harris Campaign Encourages Mail-In Voting with USPS

“To encourage Snapchatters to vote early by mail for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, the Biden-Harris campaign ran a Snapchat campaign to unlock a lens experience by scanning the USPS logo. Snapchatters could see themselves in a Biden hat and shirt wearing Joe’s iconic aviators, and the rear camera activated an icon over the USPS logo that erupted into fireworks reading ‘Vote Early for Biden-Harris.’”

7. Ralph Lauren Augmented Retail

In August Ralph Lauren partnered with Snapchat and “Bitmoji to launch a global Bitmoji fashion collection featuring Ralph Lauren’s iconic outfits. For the holidays, the iconic Pony was brought to life with Snapchat Scan.

8. LA Rams AR Uniform Reveal

Two weeks before their hyped-up uniform drop, COVID-19 forced the Rams to cancel in-person plans for the big reveal.” Necessity becoming the mother of invention, they worked with Snapchat on “the first-ever AR uniform reveal, using the power of the Snapchat camera to give Rams and NFL fans across the country a way to get up close and personal with the team’s bold new look.”

9. Diwali Festival of Lights by OnePlus

10. National Saudi Day

“In celebration of the 90th Saudi National Day, several brands in KSA launched Snapchat campaigns dedicated to the special occasion, creating engaging AR experiences for the platform to drive anticipation and a sense of unity amongst Saudi Snapchatters. 12 Lenses were developed by partners (including Samba Bank and STC below) with the objective to inspire the world with KSA optimism, resilience and accomplishments.”

11.Hershey’s Canada Reeseter Egg Hunt

“Snapchatters were given the opportunity to hunt around their real-world environments for ‘Reeseter’ Eggs in a safe, playful way. After successfully collecting 10 eggs, players could swipe up to an instant-win microsite where they were given the chance to win a coveted Reese Easter Egg prize pack.”

12. Trolls: World Tour Takes Over the Snap Camera

When Universal Pictures released Trolls World Tour as a streaming option, it used Snapchat AR to animate the movie’s characters on the devices. It also “for the first time ever, extended the experience to the Snap Camera desktop app to bring some fun to the new world of video calls and virtual meetings.”


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Walmart Adds a Shoppable Cooking Show to its Marketing…

Tastemade, the streaming media company behind the Emmy-nominated series, Struggle Meals, is entering into its first brand partnership with Walmart for two holiday cooking episodes airing on November 19 and December 17th. The episodes can be viewed on Tastemade’s streaming network, as well as YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

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Struggle Meals viewers will be able to seamlessly shop Walmart for holiday recipe ingredients and get them delivered or pick them up curbside using Walmart’s pickup & delivery service for delivery or curbside pickup. The preference for shopping online – even for groceries – has grown markedly since the pandemic struck.

At the same time, people who normally ate had to adapt to eating at home.  Even if they had access to takeout, some preferred to cook either to economize or to just fill the empty hours when stuck at home, and one industry’s loss proved another’s gain, as we saw in Not Your Mother’s Tupperware Party.

While Walmart’s eCommerce sales soared, so did media content, and the concept of Struggle Meals, hosted by Chef Frankie Celenza, was perfect for consumers who sought guidance in preparing economical meals as easily as possible. The series can boast an audience of over a million viewers a week.

“We know Chef Frankie Celenza has a massive, loyal fan following,” observed Mary Schulke, Associate Director, Strategic Partnerships at Walmart.

Accordingly, she is certain the holiday cooking shows will be a hit that will lead to increased sales as they shop for the ingredients involved. The folks at Tastemade concur.

Chef Frankie declared: “It’s been awesome to work with Walmart to give our engaged and passionate audience a special gift when they need it most, making the recreation of these meals at home as convenient and cost-saving as possible. The ability to text and instantly purchase recipe ingredients through the Walmart app is quick and simple, which we know our fans will appreciate during the busiest time of the year.”

Not all their audience members extend their love of the show to Walmart, as indicated by the comments on the Struggle Meals Facebook page. But certainly, making it easier to buy through Walmart than through any other means while watching the show would at least tip the balance in the retailer’s favor for those who may have had only neutral feelings about it.

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People In the Streets, and UberEats: The BodyShop Cares

Together with Charity Partner End Youth Homelessness, The Body Shop launched a two-part series of films on young female homelessness, Unseen Kingdoms. 

In partnership with Channel 4, the documentary film explores the lives of homeless youth in the U.K. and was created to provide a platform for women to share their stories through spoken-word poetry. 

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Last year alone, 100K young people lived on the streets in the U.K. with no shelter, while 67% were forced to leave home because of family breakdown. According to charity akt, 24% of homeless young people are LGBTQ+, and 77% believe coming out is what caused it.  

Being The Body Shop’s first T.V. campaign and launching it just in time for Christmas – is an excellent way to show customers the brand’s commitment to being ethical and a force for good.  


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A post shared by The Body Shop Official (@thebodyshop)

“It has been a tough and turbulent year for many, especially for those without the safety and comfort of a home,” said Linda Campbell, UK and ROI managing director at The Body Shop. 

“Many women who experience or are at risk of being homeless can often find themselves hidden and their voices unheard, so it’s been wonderful working with Channel 4 whose vision and platform has helped bring these tough stories to the fore in a powerful, thought-provoking and uplifting way.”  

TBS has acknowledged the fact that the rules of marketing have changed this year. Going into 2021 with innovative and timely customer retention strategies that include creating smart CRM campaigns that talk to the conscious consumer is a must. 

“Customers want to know that the brands they shop with are trying to make the world a better place. This partnership demonstrates The Body Shop’s commitment to this, and by raising awareness of the plight of young women affected by homelessness,” said Caroline Manning, partner at Craft Media.  

“We are thrilled to have been involved in this partnership and look forward to working with The Body Shop to further demonstrate their commitment to activism in 2021.” 

Faster Delivery This Christmas 

To further build strong relationships with customers, The Body Shop also announced that they have teamed up with Uber Eats for same-day delivery options.  

The partnership already launched on November 23rd in New York, Orlando, Austin, Houston, and Dallas, as well as in Toronto, Canada. 

Drivers will pick up the ordered products, which includes a selection of 91 personal care and skincare items, from TBS stores and deliver them to the homes of customers within 90 minutes. Just as convenient as food delivery.  

“The goal was to meet our customers in a way that they wanted to shop with us, and knowing Covid and everything that was going on, we immediately thought we should partner with a delivery service,” said Aliza Birnberg-Perruzzi, head of U.S. brand marketing at The Body Shop.  

The decision to work with Uber to launch the delivery service “was completely inspired by the way that things have changed due to the pandemic. People are shopping differently now, and we needed to adapt,” she added.  

Through its D2C site, customers can also use click-and-collect delivery methods – making it even faster, safer, and most convenient to shop throughout this “Shipaggedon.” 

“The shorter Christmas delivery cutoff and shipping delays during the busiest shopping season are super critical. We’ve had to go several days earlier than in years past, in order to get products to customers before the holiday,” Birnberg-Perruzzi concluded. 


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Miller Lite Celebrates Cancelled Office Holiday Parties

Not having to endure holiday parties? I’ll drink to that!

If your response to your employer’s canceling the annual holiday party is “Shew, I dread going every year!” you are not alone. Now there’s a survey to prove it.

In the announcement of its farewell to the work holiday parties campaign and art installation, Miller Lite Beer shares the findings of an ENGINE INSIGHTS survey in which over half of full time workers said they shed no tears over the loss of these parties, and if given the choice 70% would prefer time off to a holiday party.

Miller Lite considers this a cause for celebration, Courtney Carter Dugan, director of activation for Miller Lite, declares: “Not having to make awkward small talk or being forced to take photobooth pictures with co-workers is a holiday gift in and of itself.”

As an introvert, I agree wholeheartedly.

To drive home the silver lining of what we’re missing this year, Miller Lite teamed up with visual artist, Alex Prager, to construct the “cringiest moments” associated with holiday parties. See the commercial here:

The awkward gathering made up of the life-like sculptures in an office setting is contrasted with the warmth and friendliness of real people gathering in a home (fewer than 10, so don’t get on their case, Governors).

The 15 sculptures starring in the first part of the commercial are now starring in an art installation on display outdoors at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) Nov 21, 2020–Jan 3, 2021 and in a virtual experience at

Now I know that I don’t speak just for myself but for over half when I said, “I’m so glad not to have to attend one of these things in real life.”

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3 of the Best Modern Holiday Marketing Campaigns

With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s clear that the 2020 season will be quite different from past years. The coronavirus pandemic continues to spread, particularly in the United States, making the season’s trademark large gatherings dangerous and unlikely. However, that doesn’t mean the holidays are canceled! Right now, marketers are making their lists and checking them twice as we prepare for the unofficial holiday kickoff: Black Friday.

To help get into the festive spirit, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite holiday marketing campaigns from the last few years. Sure, the jingling Hershey’s Kisses and Coca-Cola polar bears are classics, but these newcomers are also worthy of holiday cheer.

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Lagavulin’s 10-Hour Yule Log

We’ve all heard the adage about video ads: the shorter, the better. However, it appears we can make an exception for calming fireplace scenes — not to mention the calming presence of actor Nick Offerman. In 2015, Offerman posted a twist on the traditional Yule Log video on his YouTube channel, “My Tales of Whisky,” sponsored by liquor manufacturer Diageo. In the video, which was originally 45 minutes and then looped into a 10-hour version, Parks and Recreation star Offerman drinks Diageo’s Lagavulin Scotch while sitting silently in front of a fireplace.

The timing was particularly brilliant; Parks and Rec had ended its seven-year run earlier that year, and fans were already missing Offerman’s grumpy, government-hating, Lagavulin-swigging Ron Swanson. On top of that, this was a smart way to rebrand an old tradition for a new generation. Five years later, Lagavulin’s Yule Log has become a holiday staple in many millennial homes, with the added side effect of making viewers thirsty for a good Scottish whiskey.

Google’s Modern Take on Home Alone

Originally released in 1990, Home Alone has been a heavy part of the holiday movie rotation for 30 years. (Yes, we really are that old.) In 2018, Google decided to reimagine the beloved Macauley Culkin film for the modern world, showing all the ways the voice-activated Google Assistant could help with your holiday checklist: ordering food, setting reminders, turning the house into a booby-trapped fortress.

It’s a brilliant combination of nostalgia and humor that’s perfectly executed by Culkin’s return — now nearing 40 — as protagonist Kevin McAllister. Add in the setting, music, and even dialogue from the original film, and the result is the rare commercial 90s kids actually want to watch more than once. Oh, the good old days!

Apple’s Touching iPad Tribute

Typically, the desired outcome of a holiday marketing campaign is not to make people cry. Leave it to Apple to create a commercial that touts the iPad’s benefits while tugging at the heartstrings. That’s exactly what the tech behemoth did in 2019 in “The Surprise,” an ad with an all-too-familiar theme for parents: When the kids are rowdy, put a screen in front of their faces.

In this case, that screen is Apple’s iPad, and it’s seemingly the only thing that can make the young sisters in the ad stay calm. While that sounds like a troubling message at first, the commercial has a twist ending: the whole time, the girls were working together to create a touching tribute to their family, including their late grandmother. It’s a perfect way to show off the iPad’s myriad capabilities, from watching movies to taking pictures to creating art. Even more than that, it shows that despite all the stresses the holidays can bring, it’s worth it to be with your family.

The 2020 holiday season might be different from those that came before, but as these marketing campaigns show, there’s always room for new traditions. Wherever you find yourself in the closing months of this impossibly long year, we hope it’s filled with love and joy.

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Consumers Engage with Content by Their Favorite Stars

With events and movie shoots on hold due to COVID-19, celebrities are finding ways to remain relevant and keep their fans engaged. Read on to find out how consumers engage with celebrity content during this period.

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Calling Out Insensitive Celebrity Content

Once upon a time, celebrities were seen as Gods that could do no wrong. But not anymore. With consumers demanding leaders to be accountable, they’re calling out celebrities that share insensitive content. For instance, Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot got backlash for spreading positivity with a celeb-studded cover of John Lennon’s “Imagine” on Instagram Live.

The 3-minute video, which has over 10,000,000, received negative reception with some commentators calling it “cringeworthy,” “tone-deaf,” “nauseating,” and “out of touch.”

The problem was consumers found wealthy celebrities performing a song that urges the world to “imagine no possessions,” while not making contributions to the fight against COVID-19, to be out of touch.

With COVID-19 resulting in job losses, celebrities pushing products for gain are getting negative engagement from fans. Oscar winner Gwyneth Paltrow received backlash from consumers for advertising an expensive fashion ensemble on the Instagram feed of her healthcare platform, Goop (the post has been deleted).

One Instagram, a user wrote, “Come on goop, when you said GP, I thought at first you were referring to Dr. Please use your platform in a more sensitive way… I really don’t think it’s the time to think about buying trainers when people are struggling to buy day to day supplies”.

Celebrities who show off aspirational content such as expensive purchases are also getting a lot of heat from consumers.  For example, Kim Kardashian got slammed on Twitter for posting photos of her 7-year-old daughter, North West’s Friesian horse.

How much is a Friesian Horse? According to Friesian Horse Association North America (FHANA), Friesian Horses have a price ranging from $19,900 to $47,900.

Viewing Paid Celebrity Content 

Despite some celebrities’ insensitive behavior, consumers don’t mind viewing celebrity content when there is a brand partner involved. Brands that used celebrities in Instagram posts saw 1.5 times more traffic in 2020. One brand that has nailed celebrity endorsement during this period is the shoe brand, Crocs.

Crocs collaboration with actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas as part of its “Come As You Are” campaign has over 2,000,0000 views on Instagram.

Here’s what Crocs did right:

Authentic Representation:  Priyanka’s charity work as a UN Goodwill Ambassador aligns with Crocs’ commitment to giving back. Crocs collaborated with Priyanka to donate 10,000 pairs to healthcare workers in Los Angeles and India as part of its Come As You Are campaign.

The Message: The Crocs’s Come As You Are campaign focuses on celebrating uniqueness and, more recently, on healthcare workers’ sacrifice.

Have a Good Product: From its sales record, it seems Crocs makes a good product. The foam plastic footwear is known for being easy on the feet, being practical, and convenient. Also, the brand offers customers the opportunity to customize their Crocs with Jibbitz charms.

Attending Celebrity Instagram Live Shows

With events on hold, celebrities are creating internet shows to engage and entertain their audiences. And consumers are tuning in.  For example, American actor and filmmaker Paul Feig hosts a nightly Quarantine Cocktail party on Instagram live where he mixes music, cocktails, and positivity all for a good cause.

Each episode generates laughs and Feig raises money for different charities struggling during this COVID time.

Legally Blonde actress, Reese Witherspoon, hosts Shine On With Resse At Home, an Instagram series where she doles out advice and shares tips from experts about various topics, from parenting advice to mental health.

English singer and guitarist James Bay gives free guitar lessons on his Instagram live to keep in touch with his fans during the lockdown.

In each lesson, he takes fans through different chords, sings along, and responds to questions in the comments section.  So far, James has posted 27 guitar lessons.

All three celebrities still have episodes of their live shows on their IGTV, so browse through them if you’ve got time and are interested.

Connecting with Authenticity

While consumers don’t want to see celebrities show off their wealth, they don’t mind engaging with content where stars do everyday things like reading.

In March, legendary actor and geek cultural icon, Sir Patrick Stewart (aka Professor X),  posted a video of himself reciting William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116. Consumers’ positive response to the post inspired Sir Patrick to start a Sonnet a Day series.

At the time of writing this article, Sir Patrick was at Sonnet 120.

Katy Perry is another celebrity sharing relatable content on social media. Katy Perry gave fans a sneak peek of her daughter’s nursery on her SmileSunday live stream.

The mini-tour included a look at baby outfits, a changing station, stylish lights, and a circular crib with curtains. That’s showing a lot more than other celebs who have also recently given birth! Hint, hint @GigiHadid.

Broadway icon, Patti LuPone, gave her fans premium quarantine content with a tour of her basement.

The Broadway star showed off her jukebox, piano, pinball machine, and many more goodies. The 1:50 min video has 1.4 million views, over 1,000 comments, and 40,000 likes on Twitter.


How consumers engage with celebrity content holds critical lessons that you can use in your marketing.

Below are some key takeaways:

  • If you’re using celebrities for endorsements, find one whose brand aligns with yours and consumers can connect with.
  • Don’t place profit over people. Think of how you can add value in today’s challenging economic environment.
  • Think before you post, be empathetic, and never underestimate the intelligence of your audience.
  • Share entertaining and relatable content.

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What the Xbox Series X Reveal Teaches Us About…

Good marketing campaigns require strategy, planning, and timing. You want announcements to come at a time when they’ll have the maximum impact on the desired audience as companies spend months – sometimes years – building up to these moments.

But what happens when it all goes awry?

There are many reasons why a marketing plan might get off track: manufacturing delays, world events, leaks, technical difficulties, the list goes on and on. When that happens, your reaction is critical. How can you recover when things don’t go the way they were supposed to?

Microsoft faced this exact problem in September 2020. When its biggest announcement of the year leaked on unofficial channels, the tech company rolled with the punches masterfully. Microsoft’s impressive handling serves as a great example of how to get your campaign back on track.

Marketing pros, take note.

The Background

Every five to seven years, video game console manufacturers release new “next generation” systems that push the medium forward in terms of technology. For two decades, the console market has been dominated by three companies: Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. While Nintendo is still enjoying the massive success of the Nintendo Switch console, Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4 are reaching the end of their natural life cycles.

That Microsoft and Sony would launch new consoles in 2020 was no secret, but many of the finer details were still under wraps. As of early September, neither manufacturer had revealed a launch date or price for its new consoles, leading to a stand-off of sorts. In a typical year, these announcements might have arrived in June during the annual E3 convention, but with coronavirus forcing the world into quarantine, there were no such events.

Instead, Microsoft and Sony separately held a series of virtual briefings and released news about the upcoming consoles in bite-sized, easily controllable pieces. At this point, gamers knew that each publisher was releasing two versions of their next-gen systems – a cheaper, diskless version and a pricier one with beefier hardware – but were still in the dark about how much they would cost at launch.

This led to public scrutiny, speculation, and rumors flying left and right. The entire industry, along with media and fans, waited to see which publisher would break first. As it turned out, the decision was entirely out of their hands.

Customer marketing challenges and opportunities

The Leak

On the evening of September 7, Twitter user @bdsams posted an image of a slim, white console in the Xbox family. This was the Xbox Series S, the less expensive of Microsoft’s Xbox Series family of consoles. Alongside the image was a message: “Xbox Series S Revealed, Priced at $299.”

Before Microsoft had a chance to respond, Windows Central confirmed Brad Sams’ information. But the Series S price wasn’t the only leak that night; Windows Central had also acquired the Series X price, as well as the launch date for both systems. Within a few hours, it was widely reported that the Xbox Series X and Series S would hit retail on November 10 at $499 and $299 price points, respectively.

With that, the cold war between Microsoft and Sony was over. The prices and launch date for the new Xbox consoles were out in the wild. All gamers needed was a confirmation from the Xbox manufacturer.

Just before midnight on the west coast, the official Xbox Twitter account posted a meme.

The Response

There’s a pretty significant overlap between hardcore gamers and people familiar with internet culture, so Microsoft’s use of the “awkward look” meme was immediately understood. This post was the company’s way of acknowledging the leaks as it prepared a more official response.

The fact that Microsoft’s first post after the leaks was so light-hearted and funny set the stage for what was to come. Where some companies may have gone into denial mode, shut down communication, or rushed to control the story, Microsoft simply let its social media followers know it was aware of what was happening.

The next morning, Microsoft made the Series S pricing official with yet another tweet and promised to share more soon. The Twitter post contained some new info that the leaks had missed, namely that the Series S would be the smallest Xbox ever. Microsoft’s existing consoles are known for their heft, so this was a significant statement.

But that wasn’t the end of it. A day after that, head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, posted comprehensive release information for the Series S and X on the Xbox news site. The post not only confirmed those leaked dates and prices for both systems, but it also revealed new details about tech specs and launch game lineups. There was even a preorder date to limit chaos: September 22.

At this point, Xbox had dominated the gaming and tech news cycles for nearly 48 hours. Meanwhile, Sony still hadn’t released pricing and release date information (and wouldn’t until its PS5 showcase on November 16). By being transparent and addressing the situation with humor and grace, Microsoft took control of the story and came out looking even better than it had before the leaks.

What Marketers Can Learn from Microsoft

No matter what industry, marketing pros can learn a lot from Microsoft’s handling of the Xbox leaks. The most important lesson: don’t ignore your customers. When something goes wrong in the era of always-online everything and social media, you can’t simply bury your head in the sand and hope no one notices. Because modern marketing is built upon customer relationships, it’s vital that your audience feels like you’ve heard them. That’s what Microsoft did with its first meme tweet: a simple message to say, “we know.”

Step two in a crisis is to adapt your plan, not push through as though nothing happened. Doing the latter could come off as tone-deaf, particularly if your strategy is off-track due to tragic real-world events.

A leaked video game console isn’t the end of the world, but other scenarios could be far more severe. It’s hard to see months or years of planning and hard work go sideways, but if – or more likely, when – it happens, that doesn’t mean everything is lost. As Microsoft has shown, you can right the ship and still come out on top. Take a step back, meet with your team, and find ways to adjust that are respectful to your customers.

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Vote for Doughnuts

Many brands have tried to connect with customers by reminding them to vote in this year’s election, but one is sweetening the deal.

As soon as we hit fall 2020, brands were getting on board with messages to their customers, urging them to vote. It became so blatant that the Atlantic published Why Is Uber Begging Me to Vote?

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“The trend seems to be a logical outgrowth of the widespread activist marketing that reached a fever pitch this year,” it noted.

Do people really need to be nudged to vote? According to the figures cited by the article nearly half of us don’t. Four years ago, not even 56% of those with the right to vote exercised it.

Now we’re in the home stretch of the highly anticipated Election Day 2020. In fact, it has already begun with many places extending voting earlier to help avert crowding conditions as COVID19 still remains a threat.


While most brands simply remind us about the election and urge us to fulfill our civic duty, Krispy Kreme decided to actively reward voters. The delicious donut maker just announced that those who voted won’t only get an “I voted” sticker but also a free Original Glazed doughnut on November 3.

Given early voting, I’ve already seen some of my acquaintances share selfies wearing such stickers (in one case on their masks). That kind of social sharing is what the doughnut chain is hoping to capitalize on, realizing the ROI on the freebie in extra exposure.

It said so explicitly in its press release: “Share how you’re enjoying a FREE Original Glazed Doughnut on Election Day and your civic pride by using #KrispyKreme and tagging @krispykreme.”

Perhaps next time around, it will play up the theme even more by allowing its customers to cast their vote for their favorite doughnut.

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