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Ads We Loved: Hot Ad Summer

As part of PostFunnel’s ongoing effort to give you, the busy marketing exec, what you need – our “Ads We Loved” is another attempt to CURATE for you. Cause, curation is king! As you know.

So, without further, etc.

Amazon: Rapunzel doesn’t need a Prince

Longhaired Rapunzel skips waiting for a  prince to rescue her by simply ordering a ladder on Amazon with Prime One Day Delivery. After escaping, Rapunzel starts her hairdressing empire. We love how Amazon’s campaign reimagines a classic story while tapping into the zeitgeist.

Lululemon: Being Well is a Journey

In this ad, a young man goes through his lonely routine, not interacting with anyone or anything. When the man opens his window to free a  hummingbird trapped in his apartment, he becomes inspired by the breath of fresh air and ​​decides to break out of his rut.

Always: Keep Her Playing

This motivational spot features track and field Paralympian and MBE Stefanie Reid talking about how she overcame losing her leg in a boating accident at the age of 15 and how she gained her confidence back through the power of sport. In a time when the connection between sports and mental health is tighter than ever, this is a beautiful representation of what it can mean in real life.

Whiskas: Purr More

Featuring original cat music from National Symphony Cellist and ‘Animal Composer’ David Teie created especially for cats, Whiskas’s ad takes us inside a cat’s imagination to better understand what happens when they purr. Nothing like emotional connection to let meaningful relationships grow.

Jif: The Return

Jif’s new ad starts with Ludacris trying to drop big bars in the studio but not quite feeling it. After having a spoonful of Jif Peanut Butter, Luda drops hilarious bars to the approval of new school rapper Gunna.

Cadbury: Your Future’s in the Swirls and Curls

Two sisters are in a kitchen when one grabs the Twirl from the other and says, ‘I can read your future with that Twirl.’ She then scans the chocolate bar using her phone and predicts that her sister will either get married or fired. This light-hearted 30-second spot encourages people to scan the intricate patterns of a Cadbury Twirl for a glimpse of their future. Nothing beats staring into a product. Like staring into someone’s eyes.

Thalassophy: Tied To The Ocean

This ad shows a fully clothed swimmer holding his breath while we hear the famous words from JFK that we have ‘the exact same percentage of salt in our blood that exists in the ocean.’ Thalassophy’s powerful spot reminds us that the ocean is being destroyed by plastic and that we are inextricably tied to the ocean. Tru dat.

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