Etsy Gets Emotional and Strategic About Retention

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  • Etsy is showing how being customer-centric can help fuel other initiatives

In an interview with The Drum, Etsy’s CMO, Ryan Scott, revealed how building an emotional connection with creators is key to the platform’s retention strategy. He explained:

“We keep our sellers at the heart of everything we do. So much of what Etsy is built on is the passion and commitment of our sellers, and what they inspire among consumers – to be more thoughtful and intentional about where we shop, and to appreciate the time and effort that goes into making something handmade.”

To that end, Etsy launched its Find Greatness in the Making campaign. “Here’s to the makers who followed their dreams and made their own victory. Shop to find greatness in the making” is the description applied to the video made for it:

The story draws a parallel between the creative designer and the athlete, which is why it was set to correspond with the Olympics. “There is no greater moment than achieving mastery in your craft – whether it’s gymnastics or pottery throwing,” Scott told The Drum.

Like many other eCommerce businesses, Etsy sales soared during the pandemic. Scott recounted that they not only gained new shoppers but found that old ones who hadn’t bought in a long time came back in 2020.

They intend to keep those customers from disappearing again through the use of “full-funnel marketing strategies.” Paying attention to the entire journey to purchase, they are “optimizing email and push notifications through the buyer journey while building out an integrated buyer CRM strategy across life cycles,” he told The Drum.

Knowing that return business is key to sustained growth, Scott, added that to better serve the creators using the platform, the marketing strategy will be directed to drawing customers “back, not just for special occasions but for everyday essentials,” though these essential are to be of the more special, customized variety rather than the standard fare available everywhere else.

As long as you, as a brand, are prioritizing customer relationships, it can feed other channels as well. This campaign is an example of how branding, advertising, and acquisition efforts can draw from the endless pool of inspiring stories living among your existing customers.

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