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Ads We Loved: ‘Tis the Season 2

With Christmas being just a couple of weeks away, brands present a picture of hope, community, and a focus on the things that matter.

Get into the festive spirit and watch them below.

1. Coca-Cola: The Letter

Coca-Cola’s cinematic 2020 Christmas captures a loving father’s journey to the North Pole to make his daughter’s Christmas wish come true. Centered around family, community, and appreciation, the ad recognizes that the magic of Christmas is connecting with one another.

2. Kohl’s: Give With All Your Heart

 Kohl’s holiday Commercial, “Give With All Your Heart” tugs at heartstrings. Seemingly set amid COVID-19, the ad tells a story about a little girl, her neighbor, and the distance between them. The ad illustrates the importance of togetherness and demonstrates the significance of reaching out to everyone around you at this time.

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3. SuperValu: Is He Still Coming This Year?

Ireland Supermarket chain, SuperValu’s Christmas spot tells the story of a child looking for a little reassurance that his favorite person will still come to visit on Christmas Eve. This commercial ends with a beautiful twist and reflects the desire of many individuals hoping to be reunited with family for Christmas.

4. Miller: Farewell, Work Holiday Parties

Beer brand Miller celebrates the demise of work holiday parties in its Christmas ad and says cheers to celebrating the holidays at home with real friends instead. The campaign is a hilarious eulogy for cringing work holiday party moments.

5. Tesco: No Naughty List

From giving bad haircuts to family members to buying too many toilet paper rolls, Tesco’s cheeky ad assures viewers that their misbehavior during quarantine won’t land them on Santa’s naughty list. This fun ad is uplifting and spreads some joy after what has been a tough year for everybody.

5. Microsoft Holiday Ad 2020

Microsoft Christmas ad 2020 tells the story of Rufus, a dog who daydreams about living life like humans. Together, with his best bud, Rufus goes on an adventure into the worlds of video games and Zoom calls. It’s an adorable ad.

6. Toyota: Super Mom

Toyota celebrates the unsung heroes on the frontlines of the pandemic healthcare in this holiday spot. The heartwarming ad spotlights a woman who juggles parenting two kids with a busy nursing career. The ad ends with a simple but powerful message: “This holiday season, remember to thank the heroes we count on.”

7. Co-op Christmas Commercial 2020

 Real-life brothers Austin and Rocco Haynes spread festive cheer with an acoustic performance of Oasis’ “Round Are Way” in Co-op’s 2020 Christmas Commercial. The simple no fuss campaign encourages everyone to do their bit and reminds us that we can all make a difference this Christmas.

We hope you enjoy watching all these little magical moments. Happy holidays!

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Ads We Loved: ‘Tis the Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! But Christmas will be different from other years due to COVID-19, and brands are reading the room.

Staying away from pandemic themed messages, this year’s Christmas ads spread some much-needed festive cheer and fill us with hope, happiness, and laughter.

1. Christmas is This Very Moment

Very’s tongue-in-cheek Christmas ad sends the message that the best thing about Christmas is not just the day itself but all the details in the build-up. This ad is realistic, raw, honest, and captures what’s really special about Christmas.

2. TK Maxx: Lil’ Goat

High-street retailer TK Maxx brings a sassy fashion-forward goat to spread some Christmas cheer. This upbeat Christmas ad intelligently acknowledges the challenges of 2020 and celebrates the act of gift-giving. It’s great to see a playful and uplifting Christmas ad – with some cool and cheerful music, too.

3. Lego: And I Think to Myself

Filled with robots and dragons, this playful Christmas commercial by Lego celebrates the magic of the everyday as experienced by children through Lego play.  The ad is a fantasy trip that provides a welcome escape from reality-which some of us need.

4. Argos: An Evening with AbracaDaisy & The Incredible Lucy

What’s Christmas without some magic? Argos taps into nostalgia in a Christmas campaign inspired by its popular catalogue, “Book of Dreams”. This year, two sisters have their dreams of becoming master magicians come true after they circle a box of magic tricks in an Argos gift guide.

5. Pepsi Max: Christmas Refreshed

Christmas Refreshed shatters old Christmas traditions and encourages people to try something new this season. Enlisting rap artists, Kamakaze and TrueMendous, the ad replaces long standing tropes of Christmas with cool alternatives – a hench sound system replaces a sledge, and a festive jumper transforms into a sick Pepsi jacket.

6. Asda: That’s An Asda Price Christmas

Acknowledging that this year’s Christmas will be a little different for everyone, Asda’s price-focused campaign reassures customers that everyone can have an extra special Christmas at the prices they want. This ad brings some seasonal cheer to customers with a no-frills approach.

7. Walmart: America’s Cart

Walmart’s Holiday season commercial does an effective recap of 2020 through what their customers have been buying.

The ad shows Walmart customers online shopping searches begin with regular things like Valentine’s day cards and beanies. But as the world changed, demand for essential supplies like milk and sugar increased. The ad is a great reminder of what’s truly essential in our lives hasn’t change.

8. Amazon: The Show Must Go On

Set to an arrangement of Queen’s ‘The Show Must Go On’, Amazon’s holiday ad tells the inspiring story of a young ballerina who triumphs through the challenges of 2020. This inspiring ad pays tribute to the indomitable human spirit and the power of community.


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