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Iconic Villain Style Comes to the Disney Store on Amazon

Last month, we saw the partnership between American Eagle and Disney to bring out a holiday collection featuring classic characters like Mickey Mouse. But the sweet aspect of the Disney brand is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Sometimes it seems as if the bad guys have more fun – or at least a better style sense. Certainly, the evil queens and fairies featured in Disney films make a far stronger impression than the nominal heroines.

For those who want more spice than sugar, Disney set up a different kind of collaboration with Heidi Klum to put a completely different spin on dressing up as a Disney character.

For all those who disdained dressing up like a Disney prince or princess because they identified far more with the characters with a dark streak, they now have the opportunity to wear their less-than-pure heart on their sleeve, back, front, head, legs, or feet.

Thanks to Heidi Klum’s collaboration with Disney on the new Villains line, you can now be dressed in full Villain style from head to toe. Wearable options extend to villain-decorated socks, T-shirts, jackets, sweatpants, and hats available exclusively through the Disney store on Amazon.

Why decorate clothing with Disney villains? Klum designer told WWD that she finds them fascinating: “they’re iconic and we have all grown up loving them and their stories,” so she was very happy to draw on her favorites to create this new causal line of clothing for Disney.

She added: “They each have their own mysterious personalities and I used that inspiration, with modern design elements, to create something that felt both cool and comfortable.”

The launch in early December brings out the line in time for holiday gift-giving with prices ranging from about $10 for a pair of socks to $129 for a bomber jacket. The options do make the perfect gift for someone who proudly claims a place on Santa’s naughty list.

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