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Revlon Makes a Bold Move on TikTok

#DoItBold is the name of the challenge that Revlon launched on TikTok in October.

It’s not Revlon’s first venture into using the popular app. It has used it before to promote particular products and ran a challenge last year called #SlickUpYourLook. But it now made a conscious effort to connect with Gen Z with the hopes of seeing the kind of success ELF (see Don’t Make Ads: Make Engaging Entertainment) had in selling its makeup to that demographic through the channel that captures their attention.

Revlon did need a jolt of successful marketing, as reported in Glossy, to regain some market share, as its sales declined a whopping 45% for this past quarter. That’s far worse than the category’s 19% decline for that time.

The bold campaign definitely won it attention, as well as new followers who engaged with the brand.

Global Cosmetic Industry reports that at the end of the three-day Tik Tok challenge led by influencers such as Loren Gray, Abby Roberts, Seth O’Brien, and MicahCow – Revlon garnered 2 billion views.

As far as three-day measurements, this challenge topped the counts for the year among those tracked by Movers+S­hakers. It also generated the most songs for a three-day challenge: 3,800.

Engagement rates were impressive, too, averaging between 15% and 20% influencer engagement.

The gains don’t end with the campaign. By October 19, Revlon had obtained 30,000 new followers plus 390,000 likes on @Revlon. The hope, of course, is that these engaged followers will not just follow but also buy products from the brand.

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