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B2CRM News: Tropicana, the Mimosa Apology, and Fox News

When people will think back at 2020, from a marketing standpoint, and try to choose the trends that defined it – they will for sure talk about the effects of the coronavirus. And rightfully so, the global pandemic impacted the way consumers behave and their expectations in ways that may be irreversible.

There will also be room for any marketing trends related to the Black Lives Matter movement. And if you put those two hands together, you’ll get why consumers expect that brands will be helpful and inclusive, transparent, and relevant. Yes – WAY MORE THAN EVER.

But one other thing that reached its peak this year, in terms of how marketing teams had to adjust to the trends and changes marketers faced in 2020 – must be around the levels of sensitivity required from marketing teams nowadays in an ever-evolving journey towards not offending anyone.

The story of Tropicana and the mimosa apology is an incredibly fitting end to the year in that regard.

But was the apology necessary? And was it the right kind of apology?

Watch the short video below for a recap of the story:

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B2CRM News

B2CRM New: Who Are You Calling Neutral?

There is no way to go around it or to ignore it, and frankly, there’s no real reason to: the US presidential election took place a week ago, we do have a new president-elect by now, and the switch from Donald Trump to Joe Biden could potentially have a deep and profound impact on anything marketing-related.

So, this week on our weekly roundup of B2CRM news highlights, we went over the best articles out there offering analysis of what this impact would look like – for the markets, for advertisers, for privacy, for tech, for TikTok.

And, also, for brand marketing and that whole thing where brands are taking a stand on political issues.

Watch below:

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