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Betfair: Striving to Exhibit Customer Centricity

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  • Betfair Exchange and Blockchain Algorithms announced a partnership to begin in August just in time for the Premier League games – to give customers that extra excitement and ability to bet on the games they want 
  • Betfair’s dedicated Twitter account is another excellent way the brand proves to be customer-centric in its CRM marketing plan 

Betfair Exchange, the world’s largest online betting exchange just teamed up with Blockchain Algorithms in a deal to give clients the ability to trade an estimated amount of more than £105 million during the Premier League 2021/2022. 

The agreement between Betfair and Blockchain Algorithms will last until 2025, and all bets and trades are to be placed via the Betfair platform. 

“The combination has compelling strategic logic and represents an attractive opportunity for both companies to enhance their position in online betting and trading. It will deliver synergies, customer benefits, and shareholder value,” the companies wrote in a joint statement. 

This is a move by a customer-centric brand that understands the importance of always being on top of what its customers desire. 

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Leveraging social media 

Utilizing social media’s unmediated connection to customers is a staple of CRM marketing. Betfair’s Twitter account is a good example of it, with its “The home of betting news, tips, insight & analysis” tagline. With almost 160K followers, the brand uses this platform in a smart way that not only encourages customers to continue playing and depositing but also helps them do so successfully. 

Education is key in building trust with customers. 

By providing customers with info on the latest updates on key players, teams, and matches – and a place for fans to communicate with one another – Betfair is fairly giving customers the ability to trade with knowledge. Customers appreciate that kind of value-driven communication. 

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