Expert Advice for Moving & Logistics Brands in 2024

As a marketing consultant, one of my absolute favorite things is sharing valuable industry insight with a client contact. This could be part of an audit presentation, competitive analysis, workshop, training, or strategic business review. It brings me joy to help clients connect the dots with opportunities that will create growth and innovation for their brand.

At Portent, we’re marketing nerds to the core. We help our clients cut through the “best practices” noise to implement solutions in 2024 that will move the needle toward achieving their goals within their industry. We also take pride in building visibility, connection, and rapport between brands and their potential and current customers.

We’ve worked with brands in the Moving and Logistics industry for many years. Despite growth in 2020 and 2021, there has been a plateau for many companies while interest rates and competition increase. We’ve provided creative solutions to the moving brands we work with to build efficiency, awareness, and lead volume to stay ahead of the competition.

Here are some of the digital marketing recommendations we’ve provided to moving company leaders who want to grow their revenue and innovate their strategy in 2024:

Think Local

Regardless of your interstate or local market focus, your potential customers are starting their research with local search queries.

  • Since most of your prospects are searching for moving services in their area, focusing on localized search queries, often including the city or “near me” phrases, is crucial.
  • Create a landing page that targets the Seattle area and an individual page for each area you service. You don’t have to create each page manually; instead, build a template that can be used across these pages and customize the content for each target area.
  • If you want to maximize your local approach, invest in Google Local Services. Local Services Ads help you connect with people who search on Google for moving companies, and you are only charged for quality leads rather than per click.

Create Interactive Content

You can capture attention and strengthen engagement with potential customers by using videos and personalization. These leading interactive engagement methods are more accessible and cost-effective than you think.

  • Explore generative AI tools like to make engaging video content for different channels and purposes. 
  • Once you have videos and new content produced, use AI personalization tools to give new and existing customers a truly 1:1 experience. 
  • Create relevant content for each user segment, ensuring the information directly answers their questions and authentically solves their problems.
  • Pick one channel to personalize with AI, track it, and expand.

Bid on specific, non-brand keywords for qualified leads

Moving businesses with slim margins continue to be more cost-conscious and want data to back up their marketing investments. We recommend focusing on paid search keywords to drive more qualified leads at a lower cost.

  • Keywords such as “local residential movers” or “long-distance relocation specialists” can help attract more qualified leads and a lower Cost Per Click with less competition.
  • We still recommend targeting “moving company” or “[city] movers” due to their high search volume, but they come at a higher price and with greater competition.
  • Make sure your landing page copy aligns with any non-brand keywords and comparison or competitive ad copy updates you make.

Optimize and Iterate

Review your performance and lead quality not only by channel but also by considering how multiple channels might be supporting a user journey in your lead funnel.

  • Leverage funnel reporting in Google Analytics 4. By enabling enhanced e-commerce measurement, you can capture online bookings and pick up on checkout optimization opportunities based on events tracked on your website (i.e. scroll depth, button clicks, etc.)
  • Link GA4 and Google Ads to enable Google Ads’ optimization features. This allows Google Ads to use your website audience data to improve targeting.
  • Focus on campaign optimizations correlated to your primary goals (revenue, leads, booked moves, or registrations) and secondary goals (contact us, gated assets, newsletter sign-up, or product shares) to improve lead quality and user engagement. Don’t get distracted by the metrics and design elements that aren’t directly affecting the user experience and goal completion.
  • If you’re hesitant to invest more in your advertising budget or change your strategy in 2024, we highly recommend at least performing regular A/B tests on your website. This can be the most efficient way to learn from your audience and increase conversions.

The moving and logistics industry landscape is changing again this year as more companies enter the market and the financial landscape shifts. We hope these opportunities to evaluate your marketing strategy and stand out from the crowd serve you well in 2024. 

If you have questions about any of our recommendations or would like a complimentary assessment of your Analytics, Organic Search, Paid Search, or Paid Social performance and opportunities, please don’t hesitate to book a meeting with us. 

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