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Iceland Foods: Treating its Existing Customers All Summer Long

What’s in this article:

  • Iceland will continue its commitment to Healthy Start vouchers until the end of August
  • The vouchers include a variety of frozen vegetables which not only provide families with a nutritious snack but also last longer – helping to reduce waste
  • The initiative of supporting customers with nutritious food improves the diets of children when money is tight
  • The company’s move here is a strong move towards strengthening relationships with existing customers

Iceland Foods continues to support local communities in the UK and Ireland by offering its food selection at competitive prices. Now, the frozen food chain realized the need to extend its Healthy Start vouchers until the end of August in its stores across England, Wales, and North Ireland.

The giveaway was launched in September 2020 in response to the Child Poverty Task Force – a group of charities who have dedicated their platforms to sharing authentic stories of children affected by food insecurity in the UK, supported by real-time statistics – formed by footballer, Marcus Rashford.

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“As a proud member of Marcus Rashford’s Child Food Poverty Taskforce, we are working with the Food Foundation and the government to further support families by raising awareness of the Healthy Start and Best Start Foods schemes in our stores,” Iceland managing director Richard Walker said.

“At Iceland, we have a long history of supporting our local communities and offering great quality, low-cost food to help families across the country. We will continue to review our commitment to ensure we are able to support Marcus’ campaign to the fullest possible extent.”

Iceland Healthy Start Vouchers – How It Works

From a variety of 25 frozen veggie bags, customers can pick up a free £1 bag of vegetables.

They can redeem the offer every time they use the voucher or spend over £4.25 on a Best Start Foods card at Iceland.

To download the healthy food packages, go to Iceland’s dedicated landing page.

Iceland is promoting the vouchers through the company’s social media, newsletters to existing customers, downloadable posters to relevant groups, and more.

But that’s not the only thing the brand is promoting to customers.

Iceland on Social Media

Iceland just posted a Tongue Twister Competition promoting its £1 Deep Pan Pizzas on Twitter:

The prize? Up to £500 in vouchers up for grabs!


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Can you say, “The land of tasty cheesy £1 easy deeper than ever Deep Dish Pizzas?”

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