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Ads We Loved: Superbowl and Chinese New Year

What’s in this article:

  • A round-up of ads from the Superbowl that got us talking
  • Brands that nailed Chinese New Year advertising


Welcome to the seventh part of PostFunnel’s “Ads We Loved” series!

Before we begin, make sure to check out the full series here.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Amazon: Alexa’s Body

In this romantic fantasy-themed ad, Black Panther star Michael B. Jordan stars as a daydream version of Alexa’s new drool-worthy body. The commercial plays off Jordan’s sex appeal with a touch of innuendo.

 M&M’S: Come Together


M&M’s suggests to us that candies can be an apology tool. The fun spot shows people handing out packs of M&M’s to apologize for various transgressions. The ad taps into humor to show how sharing M&M’s—can help bring people together.

Toyota: “Upstream”


Toyota Motor North America’s 60-second biopic takes viewers on Team Toyota athlete Jessica Long’s journey from being adopted from a Russian orphanage to becoming the second most decorated Paralympian in U.S. history. Fueled by the power of a family’s love, this moving ad wins at storytelling and shares an uplifting message of hope and strength.

Cheetos: It Wasn’t Me

Cheetos scored high with its Super Bowl campaign “It Wasn’t Me” spot. Mila Kunis gets caught orange-handed, snacking on her husband, Ashton Kutcher’s Cheetos Crunch Pop Mix. But thanks to some sage advice from Shaggy, she wiggles herself out by employing the hit phrase, ‘It Wasn’t Me’.

Welcome to the World, Baby

Babies born on 2/7/2021 (the same day this ad was broadcasted) were the stars of Huggies’ first Big Game ad. The spot which is a refreshing take on the diapers and wipes category, demonstrates what life’s like for new babies.

General Motors: No way, Norway

Will Ferrell is enraged Norway sells more electric cars per capita than the U.S. So, he heads over to Northern Europe to set things straight. GM uses Ferrell’s goofy comedy to capture attention and highlight its plans for the electrified vehicle sector.

Papa John’s

American pizza franchise, Papa John’s, celebrates the Chinese New Year by connecting with Gen Z through family and culture. The touching animation tells the story of a determined grandfather whose biggest wish is to prepare something special for his granddaughter during the Chinese New Year.

Coca-Cola: Confessions

Coca-Cola’s Chinese New Year ad follows three youths and the family-related headaches they have to endure during yearly celebrations. However, after the pandemic separated their families, the three realize the importance of simple joys found in normalcy.

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