You are currently viewing ABM Inspiration: 3 New Resources to Help You Finetune Your Strategy

ABM Inspiration: 3 New Resources to Help You Finetune Your Strategy

Are you looking for tips and tools to fuel your account-based marketing (ABM) strategy? The latest ABM content from Salesforce can help you unify your internal teams, target the right accounts for your business, tackle digital engagement, and more.

Identifying Potential High-Revenue Partners Was the First Step in This Advertiser’s Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Strategy

Valpak is on a mission to help small-to-medium businesses reach as many targeted households as possible. By sending The Blue Envelope® to more than 38 million homes around the country, the advertiser helps restaurants, nail salons and other local businesses reach customers directly.

Over the last three years, Valpak has refined its ABM approach to align its internal teams around a unified view of the customer. Check out some of Valpak’s ABM wins.

How to Improve Customer Relationships and Business Value with Sales and Marketing Alignment

Marketing and sales have different skill sets, but they share the same goal: win business and grow customer relationships over time. When both teams are in sync, this happens seamlessly. But if there’s misalignment, they may target accounts outside of their ideal customer profile and overlook opportunities to grow accounts after the initial sale is over. 

Learn how an ABM approach can help your sales and marketing teams work better together to build customer relationships that last.

How to Make Digital Engagement a Core Part of Your Account-Based Marketing Strategy

ABM is a core strategy for B2B marketers, but it’s not without its challenges. Traditional tactics like live events have become obsolete, and in response, B2B businesses are adopting more digital strategies to engage buyers and grow relationships. 

Find tips for orchestrating engagement across digital channels to build a successful ABM strategy.