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Get Fluent in Account-Based Marketing With Our “How to Speak ABM” Podcast Series

It’s been a few years since account-based marketing (ABM) joined the ranks of top marketing strategies. But even after all this time, that “A-B-M” acronym still leaves some people scratching their heads. 

If you’re not sure what ABM is or how it can help you target key accounts, you’re not alone. ABM is constantly evolving and adapting to the marketplace. If you haven’t been keeping up, it may seem hard to jump in now.

Good news: It’s not too late to get started with ABM — and there’s a new podcast series that can bring you up to speed. Our friends at Salesforce’s long-running Marketing Cloudcast have an all-new series, How to Speak ABM

This series explores tips and advice for marketers to target the right accounts and build strategies for successful ABM programs. Each episode covers a key ABM topic, so even experts will find new things to learn. 

All seven episodes of How to Speak ABM are now live:

  • Getting Started with Account-Based Marketing
  • The Data Imperative
  • Account Anthropology
  • 3 Steps to Success
  • Three’s Company
  • The Digital Handshake
  • The Future of Lead-Gen

Dive in with Getting Started with Account-Based Marketing, where Marketing Cloudcast hosts Tina Rozul and Megan Collins chat with Michael Kostow, General Manager of Pardot at Salesforce, and Emma Chalwin, SVP of Global Field Marketing at Salesforce, about ABM fundamentals and how it helps marketing, sales, and service teams target accounts that are the best fit for potential business.

Check out all seven episodes of How to Speak ABM on Soundcloud or Spotify — and subscribe to the Marketing Cloudcast for more marketing insights.