Entrepreneur Plan for Social Media Solutions


  •  Branding
  •  40 posts (Meta)
  •  20 Histories
  •  20 Copywriting
  •  4 Videos (10 Seconds)
  •  Metrics Analytics
  •  4 Paid Advertising (Meta)
  •  QR (Social Media)
  •  Meta management (Answering comments from prospects)

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Your company can expect the following benefits from our social media marketing agency:

  • Account manager for social media
  • Individualized social media strategy
  • Analysis of social media competitors
  • Audit of social media
  • Optimization of social media profiles
  • Monthly reporting and evaluation
  • Unique social media posts
  • Personalized social media images
  • Enhanced social media posts
  • Monitoring social media and more

We provide your team with a turn-key solution for developing, growing, and managing your social media presence as your social media marketing firm. Our award-winning team can assist you in expanding your presence on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest.




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