GTM 86: Learnings From 6 Successful SaaS Exits with Katrina Wong

Katrina Wong is the Divisional CMO / VP Marketing at Twilio Segment. She has a proven track record for launching products in new markets and helping companies move up to the Enterprise. She has also created award-winning integrated campaigns with data storytelling. Prior to Twilio Segment, Katrina worked at Zuora, Salesforce and SAP. She started her career as a management consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers. With over 15 years of marketing experience, Katrina is passionate about helping companies through stages of substantial growth including helping 6 companies exit successfully – from pre to post IPO as well as notable acquisitions.

Discussed in this Episode:

  • Marketing plays a crucial role in preparing a company for a successful exit by building awareness, generating pipeline, and creating a compelling narrative.
  • The ability to execute and operate day-to-day is essential for achieving results and improving performance.
  • An operational mindset and execution excellence are key to the success of a company.
  • Building cohesion within marketing teams and aligning on goals and strategies leads to better execution and business results.
  • Hyper-specific messaging and an account-based marketing (ABM) strategy can break through the noise and make marketing efforts more relevant and effective.


(05:54) Unlocking the secrets to successful startups and exits.

(08:19) Operational excellence: the key to startup success.

(13:38) Marketing’s pivotal role in preparing for a successful exit.

(20:29) Narrowing down your ideal customer profile (ICP) without breaking the bank.

(22:49) A time machine trip: innovative program implementation at Salesforce.

(25:49) Unlocking potential: a leadership journey.

(27:33) Challenging the ‘fire fast’ mentality.

(32:35) The power of integrated marketing and team dynamics.

(35:26) Navigating company acquisitions: strategies for success.

(39:00) One thing revenue leaders believe to be true that Katrina thinks is bull$***.

(43:00) One thing that is working for Katrina in go-to-market right now.

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