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Podcasts We Loved: December 2020

This month on our Podcast (Episodes) We Loved (and that we think marketers should give a listen to) – from this passing month of December – we bring you 12 episodes because… well, cause it’s the 12th month of the year. How’s that as an excuse?

No, really, it’s because there was too much great content to choose from, and I just couldn’t narrow it down further – after leaving out many great conversations.

I did try to stay away from all the year-end summaries as much as I could, though. Because I didn’t want a random date change take the place of actual, quality content.


(all episode descriptions below are the original show’s text)

(links are to Google Podcasts)

1. Is it Too Late for General Motors to Go Electric?(49 mins)

Freakonomics, Dec 3

G.M. produces more than 20 times as many cars as Tesla, but Tesla is worth nearly 10 times as much. Mary Barra, the C.E.O. of G.M., is trying to fix that. We speak with her about the race toward an electrified (and autonomous) future, China and Trump, and what it’s like to be the “fifth-most powerful woman in the world.”


2. How to foster true diversity and inclusion at work (23 mins)

TED Talks Daily, Dec 3

When companies think of diversity and inclusion, they too often focus on meeting metrics instead of building relationships with people of diverse backgrounds, says Starbucks COO Rosalind G. Brewer. In this personable and wide-ranging conversation with TED current affairs curator Whitney Pennington Rodgers, Brewer invites leaders to rethink what it takes to create a truly inclusive workplace — and lays out how to bring real, grassroots change to boardrooms and communities alike.


3. Mariah Carey on the Rise of Her Christmas Anthem (21 mins)

The Journal, Dec 11

Mariah Carey released “All I Want for Christmas Is You” 26 years ago to moderate success. Today, the song is a megahit and Christmas playlist staple. What happened? WSJ’s John Jurgensen called up the “Queen of Christmas” to find out.


4. We Buy A Lot Of Christmas Trees (29 mins)

Planet Money, Dec 12

Nick and Robert head to the world’s largest Christmas tree auction with $1,000 and a truck. And get schooled in the tree market.


5. A look at the state of retail, as holiday shopping wraps up (27 mins)

Marketplace, Dec 17

Retail sales fell a bit more than 1% in November, which matters because that most likely includes the first wave of holiday shopping. And now that we’ve passed a lot of retailers’ holiday shipping deadlines, sales are likely to slow further. On today’s show: how the pandemic is affecting retailers and consumers alike. Plus, what the SolarWinds hack could mean for the U.S. economy and why fewer Americans are moving this year.


6. The solution to clothing’s sustainability problem with Patagonia’s CEO (39 mins)

Business Casual, Dec 17

Last episode, we got a deeper understanding of fast fashion’s unfathomably negative impacts on the environment and supply chains across the globe. That was step 1—identifying the problem.

In this episode, we get step 2—understanding what we can do about it. I’m bringing in Patagonia CEO Ryan Gellert to speak about his experience leading a company steadfastly committed to environmental stewardship and worker protections…and still making money.

Because despite what fast fashion empires might suggest, there is a role for business to play in mitigating the negative impacts of consumerism. Don’t miss this one.


7. Facebook vs. Apple, Robinhood reckoning, and a prediction for Zoom (67 mins)

Pivot, Dec 18

Kara and Scott talk about Facebook’s ad campaign going after Apple as both companies face antitrust lawsuits. They also discuss the Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth filing a complaint against Robinhood. In listener mail, we get a question about whether podcasters will go behind paywalls. Scott has a prediction for Zoom


8. What Corporate America Can Learn From Coke’s Reckoning With Race (23 mins)

The Journal, Dec 18

Two decades ago, black employees sued Coca-Cola for racial discrimination. The company pledged to turn things around — and it did. WSJ’s Jennifer Maloney and Lauren Weber explain how Coke successfully transformed itself into a more equitable company…and how it failed to stay that way.


9. Should Facebook Be Broken Up? (27 mins)

The Daily, Dec 17

This episode contains strong language.

When the photo-sharing app Instagram started to grow in popularity in the 2010s, the chief executive of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, had two options: build something comparable or buy it out. He opted for the latter.

The subsequent $1 billion deal is central to a case being brought against Facebook by the federal government and 48 attorneys general. They want to see the social network broken up.

Will they succeed? On today’s episode, we look at one of the biggest cases to hit Silicon Valley in decades.


10. AlgoPix Hits $2.4m Revenue Helping CPG Brands Monitor Competitors Pricing (20 mins)

Nathan Latka, Dec 18

Alogpix is the only place to understand eCommerce market share, pricing, and promotions of your competitors and category in real-time


11. The year live music died (30 mins)

Today, Explained, Dec 22

In the second of our five-part series, “You, Me, and Covid-19,” musicians explain how they got creative when live shows and tours were canceled.


12. Working from home? Take a break … if you can (25 mins)

Marketplace, Dec 27

With the COVID-19 relief bill still in limbo, we talk about how people working from home are attempting to take care of their mental health. It hasn’t been easy. Also, the travel industry is hurting, even during the holidays. Then we look at how a Black-owned puzzle company has managed to piece together success as a small business during the pandemic.


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Podcasts We Loved: November 2020

As we wrap up November, in the middle of the holiday/shipping/shipping-chaos season, trying to think back on this entire truly insane year and make sense of it, while also plan for 2021… we’re all kinda busy right now. 

Enter: Podcasts. As in, the ones we loved from the past month. 

So sit back, or make dinner, or do the dishes, or go for a walk, and let these 12 hand ear-picked episodes work for you, fill in the gaps on so many things that are important, interesting, helpful, mind-expanding. Things that will make you a better marketer, even if they’re not necessarily about marketing. 

1. Where Is Consumer Attention Going Right Now? (2:01 hours)
The GaryVee Audio Experience 

VaynerX Presents: Marketing for the Now, a content series offering the moment perspectives and practical ideas to help guide marketers on how to modernize their marketing approach as we define this “new normal.” In this episode, the 12 speakers joined him for 10 minutes, rapid-fire 1:1 conversations answering the question – “Where is consumer attention going right now?” 


2. How to Succeed by Being Authentic (Hint: Carefully) (48 mins)
Freakonomics Radio

John Mackey, the C.E.O. of Whole Foods, has learned the perils of speaking his mind. But he still says what he thinks about everything from “conscious leadership” to the behavioral roots of the obesity epidemic. He also argues for a style of capitalism and politics that at this moment seems like a fantasy. What does he know that we don’t?


3. Does Advertising Actually Work? (Part 1: TV) (38 mins) 
Freakonomics Radio

Companies around the world spend more than half-a-trillion dollars each year on ads. The ad industry swears by its efficacy — but a massive new study tells a different story.


4. Does Advertising Actually Work? (Part 2: Digital) ( 49 mins)
Freakonomics Radio

Google and Facebook are worth a combined $2 trillion, with the vast majority of their revenue coming from advertising. In our previous episode, we learned that TV advertising is much less effective than the industry says. Is digital any better? Some say yes, some say no — and some say we’re in a full-blown digital-ad bubble.


5. While Airlines Shrink, Southwest Goes Big (14 mins)
The Journal.

While most airlines are parking planes and cutting costs, Southwest is starting flights to 10 new airports. WSJ’s Alison Sider explains why Southwest is expanding and how the company has used this strategy before.


6. Airbnb’s IPO, Amazon breaks into the pharmacy business, and predictions on a CNN sale (74 mins)

Kara and Scott talk about Airbnb’s S1 and public offering in a risky moment. Then they discuss Amazon’s announcement that it will now sell prescription drugs on its website and app, which may spell doom for some competitors. In listener mail, they answer the question about how young people should choose mentors. In predictions, Scott thinks CNN will be sold. Learn more about your ad choices.


7. Media consolidations, Snapchat’s TikTok competitor, and Joanna Coles on retail during the pandemic (64 mins)

Kara and Scott talk about BuzzFeed acquiring the Huffington Post and other media consolidations as the industry shifts. They also discuss Snapchat’s new feature “Spotlight” that will function like TikTok and pay top creators. In Friend of Pivot, we hear from Joanna Coles about what and how people are shopping during the pandemic holiday season. For Kara and Scott, the Biden cabinet picks are the win of the week. Learn more about your ad choices.


8.  E-commerce is retail’s promised land (41 min)
Business Casual

For an economy that’s almost constantly buying things, we sure have a lot of struggling retailers. That’s due to a confluence of factors, not the least of which are a saturated field of competitors and a finicky consumer. Recently, though, retail has landed in something of a promised land with e-commerce. Our propensity to shop online has been the saving grace for IRL sellers put out by Covid-19 shutdowns. But can our inclination toward online shopping stick around? That’s what we’re asking this week on Business Casual in a deep dive into e-commerce: how the industry’s biggest players are innovating, why it matters for our economy as a whole, and what comes next in an uncertain holiday shopping season. Today’s guest: Etsy CEO Josh Silverman.


9. SPECIAL EPISODE: How to Promote Your Content Using Tactics That Work Today with Brian Dean (19 mins)
Marketing School – Digital Marketing and Online Marketing Tips

Neil Patel with a special bonus episode – with special guest Brian Dean from Backlinko! This is a highlight from Brian’s talk at our Growth Accelerator Mastermind.


10. How This Brand Increased Their Revenue From Abandoned Cart Emails By 6X
Ecommerce Marketing School with Ben Jabbawy

Cart abandonment skyrockets this time of year. So Lisa on our Customer Success team suggested tweaking one small thing in this brand’s abandoned cart email series. In just 30 days, it helped them save $29,000 in revenue. Over the 9 months prior, it was $41,000 total. Here’s what they did to drive such a big lift.


11. Breaking Benford (30 mins)

In the days after the US Presidential election was called for Joe Biden, many supporters of Donald Trump are crying foul. Voter fraud. And a key piece of evidence? A century-old quirk of math called Benford’s Law. We at Radiolab know Benford’s Law well, and have covered it before. In this political dispatch, Latif and Soren Sherlock their way through the precinct numbers to see if these claims hold up. Spoiler: they don’t. But the reason why is more interesting than you’d expect. This episode was reported by Latif Nasser.


12. Shipageddon DeepDive (48 mins)

In the days after the US Presidential election was called for Joe Biden, many supporters of Donald Trump are crying foul. Voter fraud. And a key piece of evidence? A century-old quirk of math called Benford’s Law. We at Radiolab know Benford’s Law well, and have covered it before. In this political dispatch, Latif and Soren Sherlock their way through the precinct numbers to see if these claims hold up. Spoiler: they don’t. But the reason why is more interesting than you’d expect. This episode was reported by Latif Nasser.

Full Spotify Playlist here:

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B2CRM News

What can Marketers Learn from Alicia Keys, REM, Lin-Manuel…

Here on PF, we love ourselves a good podcast. That’s why we’ve recently been bringing you a monthly lineup of the best podcast episodes we think marketers should listen to.

And while we try to keep the list diverse, extracting marketing lessons from a podcast about artists breaking down their own songs is something so unique and intriguing, we 100% welcome it.

Which is exactly what Rony Vexelman, Optimove’s director of product marketing, did when he watched the four episodes of Song Exploder on Netflix.

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According to Vulture, “Song Exploder is probably the best use of the podcast format ever.” In each episode, different musicians take apart their songs, and piece by piece, tell the story of how they were made.

They delve into the specific decisions that went into creating their work, discussing the creative process used to create a particular song, going from songwriting to recording, all the way to post-production, and more.

Recently, Netflix turned four of its iterations into TV episodes where Alicia Keys, Lin-Manuel Miranda, R.E.M., and Ty Dolla $ign break down their own work.

In many ways, what he saw there reminded Mr. Vexelman of some marketing challenges and truths he is facing daily. Why? We’ll let him explain.

Four Lessons From Song Exploder

1. Alicia Keys and Sampa teach us that the same message can be interpreted very differently by two people. So imagine how differently thousands of customers and prospects understand your messaging. One-size-fits-all is a method long outdated for marketers.

2. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s constant tweaking of the tones was masterful. But his understanding that keeping the audience off-balance is what struck me. Marketers should not be afraid to change little subtle things to keep their audiences engaged and surprised.

3. REM’s choice to go with no chorus and use a mandolin throughout ‘Losing my Religion” was against any convention and recommendation. But it taught us to be different and stay true to your gut. If you want your message to stand out, being unique while authentic is a must.

4. Ty Dolla $ign showed us maybe the most powerful lesson of all. Let others chime in and help you on your journey. His collaboration on the road to writing the beautiful “LA” is a core message to all marketing managers out there. Your best work would come from your best collaborations.

 Great lessons can come from any direction. You just need to keep your ears to the ground. Or to the Netflix…


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Podcasts We Loved: October 2020

October 2020 was the month of yet another Coronavirus wave, of American presidential elections home stretch, and the kickoff for a Q4 of a looming shipping chaos. It was also the month when Quibi closed shop and got everyone talking about the perils of forced marketing concepts, of another escalation in the big-tech/social media giants fights against Donald Trump. And of Ocean Spray.

Yup. A dude one wheels with a cranberry juice bottle, Fleetwood Mac lip-sync, and maybe the best organic, UGC, unintentional free ad in the history of advertising.

We collected the best podcast episodes covering these topics from the past month, so you could give it a couple of condensed listening sessions and stay on top of the most important topics surrounding the world of marketing and customer relationships.

Quibi Demise

1. Quibi’s Quick Collapse, Oct 23 (18 mins)
The Journal

The streaming platform Quibi broke onto the scene earlier this year with tons of cash and a Hollywood visionary at the helm. Six months later, the company is shutting down. WSJ’s Benjamin Mullin talks through the high hopes for Quibi and the platform’s dramatic fall from grace.

2. RIP Quibi, Oct 23 (65 mins)

Kara and Scott discuss the shutdown of Quibi – we hardly knew ye… (among other topics)

3. Revisiting Jeffrey Katzenberg on Quibi, Oct 25 (30 mins)
The Business

Following Quibi’s announcement of closing, The Business revisits an interview with founder Jeffrey Katzenberg on his gamble to launch Quibi.

4. What we can learn from Quibi calling it quit, Oct 28 (9 mins)
Recode Daily

Recode’s Peter Kafka talks with Teddy about why the video startup is shutting down just six months after it launched. He also makes the case for why the media landscape could use more quibis in the future.

Big Tech (vs DOJ/Donald Trump/Us)

5. Breaking Up Big Tech, Oct 1 (61 mins)
The Prof G Show with Scott Galloway

Zephyr Teachout, an attorney and associate professor of Law at Fordham University, joins Scott to discuss monopoly power and antitrust as it relates to the U.S. economy and her latest book, “Break ‘Em Up: Recovering Our Freedom from Big Ag, Big Tech, and Big Money.”


6. The DOJ’s Case Against Google, Oct 22 (63 mins)
The Prof G Show with Scott Galloway

Roger McNamee joins Scott to break down the US Department of Justice’s antitrust lawsuit against Google and how monopolies stifle innovation. They also discuss the sharing economy, how the social platforms tear at our society, and the remedies that can be put in place moving forward. Roger is an activist, investor, and musician.


7. Will tech save the world…or end it? Oct 1 (41 mins)
Business Casual

Where’s the real danger in tech? It might be a little less apocalyptic and a little more pedestrian than you think.What would our biggest tech firms look like if they’d been created in China, Myanmar, Brazil, or anywhere else in the world?


8. A Misinformation Test for Social Media, Oct 21 (27 mins)
The Daily

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have invested a significant amount of time and money trying to avoid the mistakes made during the 2016 election.A test of those new policies came last week, when The New York Post published a story that contained supposedly incriminating documents and pictures taken from the laptop of Hunter Biden. The provenance and authenticity of that information is still in question, and Joe Biden’s campaign has rejected the assertions.

Ocean Spray

9. Why A Human Made Ocean Spray’s Best Commercial Of All Time | GaryVee RAW Thoughts, Oct 16 (6 mins)
The GaryVee Audio Experience

A raw take on the recent TikTok video released by Doggface208, and why it might be the single best “commercial” in the history of Ocean Spray’s brand.


10. Ocean Spray Cranberries Chief Digital and Technology Officer Jamie Head, rebroadcast from August 24 (19 mins)
Technovation with Peter High (CXO Interviews)

An interview with OS’s Chief Digital and Technology Officer about the company’s five-year plan to transform from a cranberry business to a health and wellness business. We also discuss the company’s innovation plan, the digital hub his team is building, and the company’s relationship with the farmers who grow the cranberries. Finally, we discuss how the company approaches external partnerships, Jamie’s interest in the health and wellness space, and a variety of other topics.


11. TikTok Dreams, Ocean Spray and the Longboarder Who Could, Oct 21 (77 mins)
More Than Hashtags

On this episode: the best viral story of 2020, Nathan Apodaca and his influence on TikTok, the music charts, Boomers, and social media as a whole, Instagram growth (not growth hacking though), disinformation and a little on how to deal with it, and the inimitable frozen beef sheet brand that is Steak-umm.


12. Retail ETFs & Presidential Election Impact on ESG, Oct 12 (23 mins)
ETF Edge

A discussions on the booming e-commerce space ahead of Amazon Prime day, dividend growth coming back and consolidation in the financial services space. Plus: a few words on the possible election impact on ETFs.


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