GTM 84: Outbound Isn’t Dead: This is How to Reach the Inbox with Stephen Hakami

Stephen Hakami is the Founder and CEO of Wiza – the most accurate way to find verified contact information for B2B prospects. Stephen started the company in 2019 after a sales career of being frustrated with bad data, and set out to build a prospecting tool that’s powered by live LinkedIn data.

Discussed in this Episode:

  • The frustration with bad data and the inspiration behind building Wiza.
  • The importance of email deliverability and strategies for improving it.
  • The recent acquisition of Drift by Salesloft and the topic of consolidation in the sales tech stack.
  • Stephen’s journey from sales to CEO, highlighting the value of creative prospecting. 
  • The hardest lesson Stephen learned in sales.
  • Effective tactics of cold email and deliverability.


(3:27) Strategies for email deliverability.

(08:01) The journey from sales to entrepreneurship.

(11:06) Sales technology and the consolidation.

(20:41) Strategies for effective cold emails.

(25:49) Understanding your competitors.

(27:38) The importance of being a true consultant.

(28:32) Redefining your competitors.

(31:55) One thing revenue leaders believe to be true that Stephen thinks is bull$***.

(34:26) One thing that is working for Stephen/Wiza in go-to-market right now.

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