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HubSpot’s Customer Journey Analytics Are Here

HubSpot’s March releases brought an exciting addition to your reporting arsenal: customer journey analytics. In this blog, we’ll review what this means for your marketing strategy and highlight a few other releases we’re excited about.

What Are Customer Journey Analytics?

You could scour Google Analytics or HubSpot reports all you wanted, but there was still always an element of mystery about where your customers came in, what they did while they were here, and where they jumped off your marketing train (as it were). Your efforts to market to people at the bottom of the funnel will be for naught if they never leave the top of the funnel. 

This is where customer journey analytics comes in. First announced at INBOUND 2022, this new tool tracks customer touchpoints (landing pages, forms, etc.) so you can measure the impact of each interaction. After a while, you’ll get a pretty good idea of which interactions are the most successful for boosting business.

When you create a report, you can add up to seven stages that lead to a goal/conversion point. You can also filter by properties. Learn more about creating reports here.

This tool is only available for Marketing Hub Enterprise users.

Other HubSpot Releases We’re Excited About

Here are a few other helpful updates we’ve got our eye on.

Colored Deal Tags

Deal tags can now be color-coded, making it easier for your sales team to understand which deals get priority. You can list up to 10 deal tags based on certain conditions, and they’ll appear on a board card when the conditions are met. If you’re using HubSpot Starter, the deal tags will apply to all pipelines, but if you’re a Sales Professional or Sales Enterprise user, your tags can be applied to specific pipelines.

Clean Up Your Workflow

Is your workflow a hot mess? Use the new “Clean Up” recommendations to optimize workflow branches. This will improve your workflow’s performance and simplify how it looks. Marie Kondo would approve.

This feature is available to Marketing Hub Pro+, Sales Hub Pro+, Service Hub Pro+, and Operations Hub Pro+ users.

3 New Crawling and Indexing Recommendations

HubSpot added three new recommendations to the SEO tool under the “Crawling & Indexing” category. They are available to CMS Hub and Marketing Hub Pro+ users.

These recommendations are:

  • Confirm the correct pages are blocked by your robot.txt file
  • Fix broken pages
  • Verify this page is working properly

Read about all of the March updates here. 

Find Customer Conversion Success

Set up your customer journey analytics today to view every customer touchpoint in one place. You’ll learn where your users fall off, and you’ll also find what keeps them around.

If you’re looking for other ways to optimize your HubSpot portal, reach out to our onboarding team today. We can help configure your portal in ways that will help you streamline operations, sales, and your bottom line.