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Why Integrated Productivity Tools Matter for the Future of Work, According to HubSpot’s CMO [+ Announcing an Exciting Partnership]

As marketers, we know first-hand the importance of using effective software.

Powerful tools enable marketing teams to increase the quality and timeliness of their marketing efforts. Consider, for instance, how project management software can help you coordinate cross-functionally and ensure all team members have visibility into the tasks required to get a campaign off the ground.

Leveraging the right tools also enables you to determine whether your marketing efforts are working. A CRM that integrates with a project management tool can empower each team member to become a better, more data-driven marketer.

Best of all, the right integrations help to ensure your organization isn’t duplicating work and wasting time. In challenging economic times, it’s never been more critical for business leaders to avoid costly duplication efforts. In 2022, one out of every five businesses reported they pivoted from their established plan due to the potential recession. Supportive, integrated tools can ensure your team is remaining efficient even when you need to shift course.

Effective tools matter greatly for your business’ bottom line. And as businesses approach the new world of hybrid or remote-first working, it’s never been more essential for your teams to use powerful technology to remain connected, in-sync, and effective.

Today, we’re announcing an exciting new partnership between HubSpot and ClickUp, a cloud-based collaborative work platform. Let’s explore why this partnership is valuable, and how I believe it can help our customers scale their businesses more efficiently.

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Why HubSpot is Partnering with ClickUp

HubSpot’s mission is simple: To help businesses grow.

And there are a few major deterrents to all businesses’ success, including inefficient processes, lack of internal communication, and a slow and messy onboarding process for new customers.

These challenges have only grown in recent years as the workforce has become increasingly distributed.

Which is why we’re partnering with ClickUp. To solve for that.

To explore the value of the HubSpot and ClickUp integration, I’ll start with an example. Let’s imagine your sales rep has just closed a major deal. The closed deal automatically triggered a new project in ClickUp, your workplace productivity and collaboration software.

Your sales rep immediately assigns items to the right account managers to begin onboarding the customer. Less downtime means less unhappy customers.

Your account management team is then able to look at your customer directory to see whose working with which customers, and how the project is progressing. This helps them ensure nothing has fallen behind for your customers.

With the extra time saved, your sales team is able to sell more and manage more customers better. Your entire company is able to scale more quickly.

Simply put: This tight integration enables your team to go from closed-won deals to account management and project kick-off in one seamless workflow, saving you time by allowing for better productivity.

And, with data passed seamlessly between ClickUp and HubSpot, your sales teams and account management teams will stay strongly aligned.

But the integration helps more than just your sales team. ClickUp is a platform made up of 12 product lines that integrate various productivity tools — including project management, dashboards, calendars, documents, chat, time keeping, resource planning, and custom embedded views.

This means that, while your account managers and sales reps are using ClickUp to onboard and support new customers, your marketing team is leveraging ClickUp’s project management tools to create more effective marketing campaigns and drive higher-qualified leads down the pipeline to sales.

Meanwhile, your accounting team is using ClickUp for more accurate and efficient budgeting. And your Support team is able to organize tickets in one centralized location and work together to manage each task and simplify complex requests with subtasks.

HubSpot has long been a company that prides itself on its commitment to helping businesses grow better. Which is why we believe our customers will find immense value in this integration — because ClickUp is on a bold path to reimagine productivity software and help companies of all sizes work better together. Now imagine the power of combining the two.

How One Business Has Leveraged the Power of HubSpot and ClickUp

ZenPilot, a consulting business that aims to help agencies streamline their operations, currently leverages both ClickUp and HubSpot.

Andrew Dymski, ZenPilot’s co-founder, told me, “ClickUp and HubSpot joining forces is a game changer! We were early adopters on both platforms — HubSpot in 2013 and ClickUp in 2017. Both companies have succeeded where few others have by changing the way people think about their work.”

Dymski adds, “This integration and partnership is like cake and ice cream … good on their own, but so much better together. Thousands of companies will be able to benefit from this new connection.”

One more thing …

We believe so wholeheartedly in ClickUp’s mission that HubSpot has decided to invest in ClickUp. ClickUp is on a mission to create more powerful, yet simple, tools to better align teams. ClickUp is on a mission to create more powerful, yet simple, tools to better align teams, saving people time by making the world more productive.

I have no doubt our customers will find immense value in ClickUp. Replacing disparate systems and mismatched tools in favor of one seamless, integrated workplace experience is critical for scaling businesses. For that reason, HubSpot has chosen to invest in ClickUp.

If you’re already a ClickUp customer, I have some good news — as a ClickUp customer you’re eligible for 20% off select HubSpot plans. HubSpot customers—there’s something for you too: Start with ClickUp for 20% off.

Whether you use ClickUp and HubSpot or something else, it’s never been more important to have supportive technology. Integrated productivity tools can help you streamline your processes even with a widely distributed workforce; they can help connect you with the right customers, no matter where they are; and they can foster new levels of connection and collaboration as we progress into the future of work.

And leveraging supportive tools means your customers are happier. Which is what really matters, anyway.