You are currently viewing Lynton Like Never Before: Unveiling Our Revamped Website Design

Lynton Like Never Before: Unveiling Our Revamped Website Design

You may have noticed something different — a completely new look and feel to our site.

If you haven’t seen anything notable yet, let us tell you the thrilling news:

We launched the latest version of our site in early February. We have been working hard behind the scenes to create a digital space reflecting our company’s growth, and we’re thrilled to share it with you. 

Why We Redesigned The Lynton Site

As our company evolves, our online presence should reflect that. So, we’ve done quite the facelift, but we’ll focus on the most significant changes.

First, our branding is now more modern and sleek, with a darker look but pops of color and fun imagery and iconography to draw your eye. We simplified our navigation to help users quickly find what they want — and to match our new styling.


We focused on becoming more personable, so you’ll notice more real-life photography of our employees (and one pup!) and other examples of our diverse, unique personalities shining through. From showcasing our current picks for shows, music, and books to explaining why we love working in the HubSpot ecosystem, we want to get to the heart of it and show you who we are.


We’ve also diligently explained our services and what they can mean to our clients. Our marketing, web, and HubSpot onboarding pages are packed with new content and details demonstrating our value to our clients that previously were not included on our site. We worked to feature the most critical elements of our services by interviewing all the appropriate team members. Rest assured that the information you seek is there!

We’ve also taken the time to explain what sets us apart from other HubSpot agencies by diving into our core values, such as #DiveRightIn and #WeBeforeMe, and sharing our experience, expertise, and dedication to continued education. Throughout our site, we meticulously outline our processes for everything, whether it’s a marketing project or a complete website redesign. You’ll see exactly how we start a project and precisely how we support you once you’ve gone live.

Some additional highlights to call out:

  • We’ve created an entire page dedicated to our partnership with HubSpot and what it means to be an Elite Partner. You may notice a glowing testimonial from a top-level HubSpot employee.
  • We’ve better showcased our relationship with by highlighting the history behind why we built this arm of our company and showcasing the SyncSmart products we’ve created on our Lynton site.
  • Our blog, case studies, and creative portfolio have also been redesigned to give you a real sense of what we can offer by seeing what we’re thought leaders in and what we’ve done for other HubSpot users.

    Visit The New Lynton Site Today!

    Haven’t clicked around the entire site yet? Take a look around and let us know what you think. As always, we’re here to help you take your business to the next level with the power of HubSpot. Just reach out here — and you guessed it, that’s a new contact page.
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