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Podcasts We Loved: July 2021

What makes a great conversation? (23 mins)
Vox Conversations, 8 Jul

Here’s a look ahead at what’s to come for Vox Conversations. Vox’s Sean Illing welcomes colleague Jamil Smith to the podcast as an additional regular host. They talk about what drew each of them into journalism, their shared craft of interviewing, and about what qualities make for great conversations. Plus, they share some of the ideas and upcoming guests they’re looking forward to in the coming weeks.

Robot Therapists? Not So Fast, Says Talkspace C.E.O. (33 mins)
Sway, 22 Jul

Talk therapy has seen a boom during the pandemic. And with mental health chat bots like Woebot on the market and text therapy platforms like Talkspace going public, the possibility of humans outsourcing our behavioral health to algorithmic healers is only growing — along with the ethical questions attached to it. So Kara Swisher turned to Oren Frank, a co-founder and the chief executive of Talkspace, to ask what the increasing technologization of therapy means for treatment efficacy and for privacy.

In this conversation, Kara asks Frank whether health care apps like Talkspace, which collect patient data, are offering meaningful insights or are privacy sieves waiting to be hacked. They also talk about how to measure treatment efficacy and who is accountable — the platform or the provider — when something goes wrong.

Lessons from Andy Jassy, Amazon’s New CEO (10 mins)
Founder’s Journal, 7 Jul

Today, I’m talking about Jeff Bezos’ successor as CEO of Amazon and the lessons we can learn from his 24-year ascent at the giant tech company.

Reid Hoffman: The master of scale (36 mins)
Business Casual, 28 Jun

Founder of LinkedIn Reid Hoffman joins us today to talk all about scaling businesses quickly and effectively. Through his experience scaling PayPal and LinkedIn and investing in companies like Airbnb, Reid has formulated a bulletproof scaling strategy. Today, we dive into unexpected lessons in scaling, monopolizing the market, and the importance of network effects. Reid draws on concrete examples from leaders of the most successfully scaled companies who have made appearances on his podcast, Masters of Scale.

An Ad Executive’s New Challenge: Selling the Vaccine (19 mins)
The Journal, 23 Jul

Last year, PJ Pereira got a big assignment: to help market new Covid-19 vaccines to the public. Pereira explains what he learned trying to convince vaccine-hesitant Americans to get the shot.

Big Retail is watching you (10 mins)
Recode Daily, 29 Jul

Some of the country’s biggest retailers are being accused of using face recognition technology without customers’ knowledge. Stores can use this biometric data to predict people’s shopping habits and send targeted ads their way. Privacy advocates say the technology should be kept out of the hands of private companies. Recode’s Rebecca Heilweil (@rebheilweil) explains.

741: The Weight of Words (61 mins)
This American Life, 12 Jul

Words mean things, but some words are especially meaningful.

#387: 7 Email Copywriting Tips To Convert Subscribers (37 mins)
Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield, 29 Jul

What to do when your email list isn’t buying…

Persuasion Science: Marketing Insight From Robert Cialdini (46 mins)
Social Media Marketing Podcast, 29 Jul

Do you want to persuade more people to do business with you? Looking for persuasion techniques that work for any business? To discover three modern principles of persuasion science and what they mean for marketers, I interview Robert Cialdini.

Retail Rundown: The Making of a Successful Brand Stunt – With Margo Kahnrose (24 mins)

Welcome to the Retail Rundown, your go-to weekly podcast where RETHINK Retail teams up with industry experts to discuss the news and trends defining the world of retail. How much do you love Panera Bread’s broccoli cheddar bowl? Would you wear it on your bathing suit? Although nobody asked for it, Panera Bread’s new limited swim suit line is certainly raising eyebrows. In this episode, Skai CMO Margo Kahnrose joins us to discuss Panera’s swim suits along with the brand stunts that have seen real results—and the ones that have fallen flat.

Retail Inventory Management: Post-Pandemic Focus Areas (29 mins)
Talk Retail to Me, 27 Jul

This week President and Managing Partner Clay Parnell, along with Partner Amanda Astrologo and Senior Director Rob Oglesby discuss key areas retailers are focusing on now and where they must focus in the near future for effective retail inventory management.  This may come as a surprise, but it’s less about technology and much more about core capabilities driven by business processes and a sizable shift in traditional organizational roles and responsibilities across the retail enterprise. Further, it’s about a focus on foundational elements to ensure resiliency and agility throughout the supply chain to ensure retailers meet customer demand and expectations.

Nastia Liukin On How To Win (And Lose) At Work (29 mins)
9 to 5ish with theSkimm, 29 Jul

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics are underway. And as we all started cheering for the athletes on our TV screens, it got us thinking about winning – and losing – at work. Maybe you got the promotion. Or maybe your long-time project wasn’t a success. How should we navigate the ups and downs? To find out, we called up an expert: 2008 Olympic gold medalist Nastia Liukin. She’s had some high highs (hello, gold medal)…and also some low lows (injuries, falls, and haters).

In this episode, Nastia shares:

  • How to block out external noise
  • How to keep going when you want to quit
  • How to move on from failure
  • How she dealt with a 1:1 rivalry
  • How to hype yourself up

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