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These 36 RevOps Leaders Have Something (Great) to Say

Our team learned a ton this year talking to RevOps leaders — and we want to share this knowledge with you. What better way than to round up the top RevOps professionals you need to be following, talking to and/or learning from?

Even if you’re not in RevOps, our list of RevOps heroes offer advice everyone needs to hear (or, at least everyone in a GTM org).

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Why Follow RevOps?

It’s not all technical. Ask Taft Love about his framework for when and how to say no. Listen to Hang Black’s podcasts to learn about the future of sales enablement or how to lead with empathy.

RevOps leaders are talking about trends in the market, and how the move towards RevOps will change everything from marketing to sales development to post sales.

Here are just a few topics that our RevOps leaders talk about in Linkedin posts, articles and podcasts:

  • Revenue acceleration plans
  • Fixing visibility issues in your sales org
  • Building the right tech stack
  • Partner ecosystem and integrations
  • Enhanced Salesforce reporting and adoption
  • Compensation plans
  • Leveraging persona profiles
  • Pricing and packaging strategies
  • Documentation and systems admin for CRMs
  • Marketing automation
  • Databases
  • Sales enablement that, y’know, actually enables

A career in RevOps is a great way to help your career, and have a big impact on revenue. RevOps is still developing as a function, so people with a lot of different experiences, like moving from engineering to marketing for example, find RevOps to be a great place to put their problem solving skills to work.

In fact, many RevOps leaders think of themselves as ‘generalists’ rather than ‘specialists’ in their field. Whether they started out as SDRs, marketers, engineers or even lawyers, their winding paths ultimately brought them to RevOps where they can solve new and challenging problems.

36 RevOps Leaders You Need to Follow

Alex Miller, Director of RevOps at Sendoso

Alex started his career as an SDR and sees himself as a true jack-of-all-trades. As Director of RevOps, he scaled his team at Sendoso by hiring smart generalists to lead their own teams of MOps, SOps, CSOps. Now, he is setting his sights on how to scale out a larger function with more specialist roles.

Ask him about interesting sales prospecting plays using Cameo.


Allyson Clark, VP of Business Operations

Allyson is highly certified in Salesforce and attributes her success to a knack for technology and a love of finding and solving problems. In fact, she says that you will probably be thrown new software tools every three months in a RevOps job. She is very engaged in sharing fellow RevOp leaders posts and advice so you know you’ll be in the loop.


Asia Corbett Director of Revenue Operations,

What doesn’t Asia do? She is a prolific writer on LinkedIn, giving out excellent tactical advice such as, how project management skills can help you immensely when creating a RevOps function. Super engaged with the RevOps community, she opens up discussions on many pertinent questions like, who should run commissions: RevOps or Finance?

(Ask her about moving past the “what is RevOps?” stage and what it looks like to get into Rev Ops 301.)


Ben McCarthy, Founder of SalesforceBen

Ben helps Salesforce professionals advance their career through certifications. His LinkedIn posts range from advice on building an Ops career path to how to share your knowledge. Ben is always creating content including ebooks, templates, infographics and articles about tech stacks.

(Ask him about how to start a Salesforce consultancy.)


Brad Smith, Co-founder and CEO of Sonar Software / Founder at Wizards of Ops

Brad created the WizOps community Slack channel so Ops people can share tips, ask for advice and ‘make operations magic’. Read about Brad’s unconventional ways to close more deals with data.

(Ask him about platforms built for Ops folks, not just platforms Ops folks have to manage.)


Channing Ferrer, VP of Sales Operations and Strategy at HubSpot

Channing’s career path has taken him from consultant to head of client development strategy, VP of sales to VP of global sales operations and finally, VP of Sales Operations and Strategy. As an operational leader, he shares his thoughts on the top plays and metrics that led to 100,000 HubSpot customers reaching their first $1B in ARR.


Cindy Hancock, Director of RevOps at Highspot

Cindy was a panel member of the OpsStars 2020 virtual event (The Rise of Ops) and posts her thoughts on the challenges she has faced and the lessons she learned that you can apply to your own sales and marketing processes.



Dwamian Mcleish, CEO and Founder at Junction

Dwamien believes that RevOps as a function is an increasingly important, but incredibly misunderstood discipline. Follow Dwamian to see content about RevOps 101 and what RevOps really is. . He is also a board member for the New Technical Fund whose mission is to fund organizations that enrich people with skills using new technical methods.


Eddie Reynolds, CEO, Union Square Consulting

Eddie has worked with over 1,000 sales and marketing teams in his career and knows that a repeatable, scalable, and integrated revenue engine is what separates top performers from the rest. He’s very open about how scarcity at a young age drives his work ethic and being an entrepreneur gives him the freedom to choose his own path. Ask him about what a “double funnel” is and how to use it.


Feras Abdel, Sr Director of Revenue Operations at Outreach

Feras started out in sales, made his way to SOps and then took on his current job managing RevOps at Outreach. Follow Feras for great content like how to modernize your GTM strategy and RevOps is like a dope sneaker collection.

(Ask Feras about his personal philosophy about Salesforce, Ferasophy.)


Giovanni Torres, RevOps Manager at Udemy

Like many working in tech, Giovanni’s first job out of college was an SDR role. He believes the toughest day to day activities happen to belong to SDRs and that what they are really learning is how to be a great Ops person. Ask Giovanni about how to bring together your current Ops functions to create a RevOps team of Avengers.


Hang Black, VP of Revenue Enablement at Juniper Networks

Hang is a true generalist with a background in sales enablement, business development, product management, marketing and engineering— which earned her the nickname Black Ops. Hang is always sharing advice on her LinkedIn feed, on her “Hang with Hang” podcast and in her book Embrace your Edge. She is also an outspoken supporter of DE&I and speaks about her own experience as a Vietnamese refugee.


Harish Mohan, SVP of Revenue Excellence and Operations at Outreach

Harish believes that RevOps is more than just a role, it’s a state of mind. Follow Harish to learn more about why customers buy, and how aligning sales and marketing with sentiment insights reduces wasted time and effort. Check out his discussion thread on who really owns the customer journey.

(Ask him about what “Revenue Architect” means to him.)


Jaakko Paalanen, CRO at Leadfeeder

Jaako believes in account based targeting. Ask him how buyer intent data helps you catch leads early in the buyer journey. One of his biggest tips for anyone in RevOps is that marketing and sales must sell with empathy and improve their EQ. Jaakko frequently writes for sites like Sales hacker, SalesTech Star and other blogs.



Jacki Leahy, Salesforce Consultant at Eustace Consulting

Jacki thinks that her past experience as a BDR who asked too many questions, broke anything that could be broken and tinkered with software were the key to what makes her a RevOps pro. Her favorite RevOps slack groups are Wizards of Ops and RevOps.

(Ask her about how to make the best ops memes in the world. No, seriously. Do it. We want to know how the magic happens.)


Jasmine Powers, Operations Manager at Resilia

Jasmine thinks RevOps feels more like a framework or strategy for achieving optimal customer lifecycle as well as profit. Though she admits it’s like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. If you want to stay updated on upcoming conferences and tips from RevOps leaders, Jasmine has you covered.(Ask Jasmine about why she believes RevOps is more than just a “function” or “role”.)


Jeff Ignacio Head of Revenue & Growth Operations at Upkeep

Jeff is the Channel Chair of the Sales Enablement Community at Revenue Collective as well as the host of the Revenue Architect Podcast. His road to RevOps leader was long and windy. He started by first configuring SAP for movie studies, then pivoting to real estate, followed by an MBA. Now he oversees RevOps at Upkeep and manages everything from top of the funnel to post sales.

Ask Jeff about the 6 key factors to build out a capacity model.


Jen Igartua, Chief Services Officer at Go Nimbly

Jen believes that RevOps transformations start at the manager and VP level where the pain is felt the most. She advises organizations to change their beliefs around change and to increase the level of organizational accountability.

Take a look at her career advice on finding the right RevOps job.


Jen Spencer, CRO, Smartbug Media

Jen is a revenue generating marketer and sales expert. As the founding coach for SDR Nation, she helps those early in their sales career nail their jobs and get their net promotion. Jen knows how to create a buyer persona that your sales reps will actually use.

Ask Jen about her podcast, SmartBug on Tap, where she discusses marketing tips like creating landing pages that convert.


Jerry Bonura, Sr. Principal at TwentyPine

Jerry started working in RevOps before it was RevOps. His journey began 5 years ago when he joined TwentyPines to work in the Salesforce space, specifically around sales and marketing ops.

(Ask him about his thoughts on what companies are looking for in a RevOps role or where companies go wrong trying to hire/ build their RevOps function.)


Jonathan Morgan, Director of Sales & Marketing Ops, Head of Marketing at AchieveIt

Jonathan wants people to know that there are many reasons a RevOps career might be right for them. He also sees himself as a generalist, someone comfortable with wearing a different hat every day at work.

(Ask him about why Rev Ops is more than just a fancy Salesforce admin.)


Jordan Greaser, RevOps consultant at Greaser Consulting

Jordan shares advice on running a RevOps consulting business with upbeat personal stories that help his followers learn. Greaser Consulting regularly joins webinar panels to discuss topics like which functions you need in your sales content supply chain.

(Ask Jordan about what most organizations miss when they undertake a Sales Engagement initiative.)


Jordan Henderson, Director of RevOps at RingDNA

Follow Jordan for great advice and webinars on how to scale a RevOps team, and measure the success of your sales and sales ops orgs. While he started out as an attorney (seeing a trend with career changes?), he now excels in RevOps as a finalist in the 2020 OpsStars Awards.

(Ask Jordan about how to build a modern sales stack, identify your company’s canaries, and prepare for territory planning.)


Keith Jones, Manager of GTM systems at MURAL

Keith is a founding member of Wizards of Ops, a slack community, and is always sharing open job postings with his followers. By following Keith, you’ll always know about upcoming events like OpsStars.

(Ask him what RevOps means to him.)


Lorena Morales, VP of Marketing at Go Nimbly

Lorena creates a ton of content about marketing growth. She knew from a young age that advertising and marketing was her passion. Lorena shares her personal immigrant story with the Revenue Collective podcast and is a supporter of “people-first approach” to marketing.

(Ask her about the 3 simple rules to leading happier teams at Go Nimbly.)


Mark Lerner, Founding Marketer / Head of Marketing at

If you want to learn more about usage based pricing and how companies can leverage this new pricing model, Mark is your person. He shares content that covers things like, the 10 steps to optimize your deal desk, or the top 4 sales benchmarks of winning sales teams.

Sign up for his RevOps Daily Newsletter to see fresh out of the oven content.


Mary Grothe, Founder at House of Revenue

Mary champions the sales rep and really sees RevOps as the cornerstone of success. She explains how CEOs can get into a vicious cycle of replacing non-performing salespeople year over year, but what if the problem was never the salesperson but the revenue processes?

(Ask Mary about what she sees as missed revenue growth opportunities at second-stage startups.)


Matthew Volm, CEO and Co-founder of Funnel IQ

Matthew is also the founder and leader of the RevOps Co-op Community and a great advocate for how RevOps can improve revenue processes. He shares unique ideas like creating a “DYJ (Doing your job)” dashboard to keep track of your sales reps activity and success rates.


Neil Ringers, EVP at Revenue Grid

Neil has worked at companies like Oracle, Salesforce, Cloud Sherpas (now part of Accenture), VMWare and others. He knows what he is talking about! His company Revenue Grid is all about moving on to the next phase in CRM- Guided Selling and Coaching. Ask him about his thoughts on personalization at scale.



Rosalyn Santa Elena, Head of RevOps at Clari

Rosalyn is a powerhouse of content. She’s the host of the Revenue Engine Podcast and the Operations Channel Chair and host of the REvOps Corner at Revenue Collective. Listen to her webinar interview asking her guests about how to build a process for improving your sales process.

Her career advice is based on her own experience and Rosalyn is always sharing tips and advice on LinkedIn to help others navigate a new career in RevOps.


Scott Brinker, VP of Platform Ecosystem at Hubspot

Scott is the founding program chair at MarTech Conference and the editor of He specializes in Marketing Operations and what to do when your buyers are overwhelmed with too many solutions.

In fact, Scott’s LinkedIn posts are very popular with dozens of comments on LinkedIn from RevOps leaders. He is always posting interesting articles, infographics and discussions about MOps.


Scott Sutton, VP of RevOps at ZoomInfo

Besides his leadership role at ZoomInfo, Scott is a busy content creator, finalist in the 2020 OpsStars Awards, and a speaker at the 2021 RevTech Summit. He agrees with Jordan Henderson that we are ready to move past RevOps 101 and focus on fully evolved RevOps (RevOps 201).

Scott elaborates on his vision of the future of RevOps and also provides helpful reading recommendations.


Sophia Francis, Director of RevOps and Strategy at Kicksaw

Sophia is a member of Revenue Connections, the RevGenius slack group and is a consultant for sales ops, strategy, marketing ops and Salesforce. Her conversational and collaborative posts on LinkedIn really anchor the tips and tricks she shares with her followers.

(Ask her about how Rev Ops should always be seen as “the team that has your back.”)


Taft Love, VP of Sales at DocSend

Taft is an operational sales leader, and like many of the RevOps leaders in this article, he sees great things for the future of BDRs. His tactical posts cover difficult conversations like how to say no as an operations team by setting ground rules early.

He’s also cofounder of Iceberg RevOps, which works with growing companies to build and maintain clean, scalable revenue operations.


Thomas Foley, Chief Data Sherpa at Hightouch

Thomas’ LinkedIn posts help answer the question, “What the hell is data integration?” He explains how integration tech is a lot like a complex lego set, challenging and fun as you figure out where the pieces go.

(Follow Thomas on Sales Hacker and check out his post on why he chose to join a startup during the pandemic.)


Troy Conquer, CRO at GoNimbly

Troy moved from CTO to CRO while at Go Nimbly and is a big believer that RevOps deserves a first class seat at the revenue table.

Follow Troy to learn more about removing silos in revops strategy and building a revops roadmap.



How to start your RevOps journey

RevOps pros love strategizing about their work. Whether they are offering recommendations on territory management, or asking how other RevOps team test email cadences, there are always discussions happening in the Sales Hacker community.

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