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Evaluate Your eCommerce Options with HubSpot

Last year, Americans spent a whopping $79.17 billion on eCommerce goods. That accounts for 14% of total retail sales, up from 11% in 2019.

The pandemic played a significant role in this growth, but as the world returns to some resemblance of “normal,” people are still shopping online! If you’re concerned only giant retailers can grab a piece of this pie, don’t be. Smaller online businesses can capitalize, too, especially ones using HubSpot for their CMS.

So, if you’re looking to add eCommerce functionality to your site this year, take a look at two options native to HubSpot.

eZo Commerce

eZo Commerce is available to HubSpot CMS Professional users and offers three packages to help build different online stores. Every eZo plan uses your HubSpot products and comes with:

  • A shopping cart connected to Stripe
  • The ability to sell physical or digital products
  • Buy buttons
  • Refund processing
  • Notes on customer’s orders
  • Invoices and receipts
  • Order notifications
  • Links to a contact record
  • List building
  • Themes to build the look of your store
  • Data synced to HubSpot deals, products, and contacts

For fulfillment, tracking, manual orders, discounts, and categories, opt for the Pro plan. To enable shipping and subscriptions, try Premium. Whatever option you select, you’ll be able to build your store quickly and easily.

Checkout HQ

Checkout HQ is available to a broader audience, specifically: HubSpot Sales Professional or Enterprise level subscription and One of: HubSpot Marketing Starter, Professional, Enterprise level subscription or HubSpot CMS Professional or Enterprise level subscription. The app allows these users to create a turn-key, lightweight e-commerce flow using HubSpot products and deals. There are two tiers with benefits like:

  • Searchable product libraries
  • Theme ready – Checkout HQ will automatically take on the look of your existing HubSpot theme
  • Personalized checkout forms or quoting tools
  • Syncing of deals, products, and contact data that you can tie to attribution reporting
  • Templates and an easy-to-follow starter guide

Selecting the Quotes + Payment plan enables Stripe integration for payment processing. Like eZo, both options let certain HubSpot users build eCommerce solutions in a few hours without accessing a third-party eCommerce software.

Get Up and Running with eCommerce Today

It’s clear that most Americans by now are very comfortable with eCommerce (looking at you, Amazon shopping cart). Don’t let the fear of having to shell out big bucks for an expensive eCommerce platform hold you back. Try eZo or Checkout HQ for your needs!