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Why We’re Celebrating a New Investment in Trusted Partner Sercante

At Salesforce, we love supporting organizations that share our passion for bringing companies and customers together. Today we’re excited to share Salesforce Ventures’ investment in Sercante, a leading group of Salesforce consultants who are passionate about marketing automation and Pardot.

Investing in the next generation of enterprise tech

Salesforce Ventures, our investment arm, is focused on creating the world’s largest ecosystem of enterprise cloud companies. Since 2009, they’ve helped accelerate the growth of over 400 technology startups. This investment strengthens the relationship between Sercante and Pardot. Here are just a few reasons why we’re excited to work more closely with the Sercante team: 

  • Sercante works with B2B marketers to stand up new systems, build workflows, migrate legacy data, and ensure they get the maximum value out of Pardot and other marketing technology. 
  • The company is committed to the Salesforce ecosystem and has a unique vision for how Salesforce companies can succeed with B2B marketing. 
  • Their team has a knack for simplifying tough marketing automation and sales process challenges, and it holds an incredibly high bar for quality customer service. 
  • Sercante’s top priority is customer success. Their consultants have been in our customers’ shoes, so they understand the challenges marketers face today. 

Better together

Salesforce and Sercante team members connecting over a video call

Salesforce and Sercante already have a strong track record of partnership and collaboration. Most recently, Salesforce was a title sponsor of ParDreamin’ 2020, Sercante’s four-day virtual conference dedicated to all things Pardot. Throughout the conference, Sercante showcased compelling speakers and sessions to help Trailblazers grow their marketing automation and Pardot skills. 

With Salesforce Ventures’ investment in Sercante, they can help even more Trailblazers draw value from Pardot and other Salesforce solutions. I’ll be supporting Sercante’s board as an observer to help reflect on Sercante’s strategy and support the team in delivering the best implementation services possible. Additionally, Sercante will receive access to a wider scope of resources for supporting their clients. 

More Pardot success stories is a triple win for Sercante, Salesforce, and the entire Trailblazer community.

“It’s been great to be a part of the Pardot ecosystem. It’s hard to believe it’s only been three years!” said Andrea Tarrell, CEO and founder of Sercante. “Our team is super passionate about Pardot and unlocking value for B2B marketers who want to work across the Salesforce platform.” 

She added, “This additional funding comes at a pivotal time to fuel our accelerated growth plans, deepen our product development efforts with Sercante Labs, and support our clients as they navigate digital transformation, Pardot, and Salesforce.”

Learn more about Sercante’s capabilities by visiting their website.