From the Vault: Influencer Marketing

This is the second part of our “From the Vault” series – where we bring you the best still-relevant articles we’ve ever published around a specific topic.

You can see it as a kind of a makeshift ebook, or a textual, on-demand online course of sorts.

We do it because we think curating great content is the best thing we can do for our readers. sometimes even more valuable than publishing great new content.

And this time, the links below will take you on a journey full of Influencer Marketing know-how. Enjoy.

The Face of Influencer Marketing: From Fake to Faithful

Social media has become an advertising powerhouse. But the shadow of ‘fake’ influencers looms large. Here are two ways to stay authentic… and profitable.

How Influencers Reshape Marketing Strategy

Influencer marketing has already evolved and will continue to do so. Make sure your brand is in gear.

The Impact of COVID-19 on Influencer Marketing

These times of crisis gave influencers greater scope and new audiences that can be channeled for good. See the latest trends, stats, data, and more.

How Influencer Marketing is Changing in 2020

In this year of drastic shifts, influencers are the latest group to feel the effects.

Consumers Engage with Content by Their Favorite Stars

What marketers can learn from celebrities on social media – post-COVID-19.

5 Brands Using Influencers to Strengthen Customer Relationships

Influencer marketing is nothing new – but it continues to be an effective way to forge and strengthen relationships with your target audience.

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