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Call Recording Software: Why Your Sales Team Needs It and 9 of the Best Options

Have you ever hung up the phone after a sales call and thought, “Wow, I nailed that!” Or maybe you thought, “I feel as though I could’ve more effectively guided the conversation if I had just said fill in the blank.”?

Either way, a recording of that call would be helpful — it’d provide the ability to learn and pull actionable insights from your conversation with a given prospect. It may also give your team members and new hires pointers and tips for their calls.

But how do you obtain that recording? Enter: Call recording software.

Call Recording Software

Call recording software records phone calls in a digital format via voice over internet protocol (VoIP) — which allows you to make calls over internet connection — or traditional phone. In addition to recording phone conversations, a call recording software may have other capabilities such as call logging, tracking, storing, sharing, and playback.

Benefits of Call Recording Software

There are a number of benefits that come from using call recording software. Here are some examples:

  • Log and save records of all calls and conversations between reps and prospects.
  • Provide sales (and/or service) reps with the necessary information and context from previous conversations with a prospect to effectively follow-up and guide their next interaction.
  • Integrate your call recording software with other sales and business tools, like your CRM, so all contact and engagement data is centrally located and easily accessible.
  • Improve the quality of conversations reps have with prospects by allowing them to listen back to their calls with prospects.
  • Use recordings to train new reps, advise current reps on effective tactics, and get feedback from managers.
  • Reference recordings when improving your sales process and tailoring pitches — or writing scripts — for your target audience and buyer personas.

Now that we’ve reviewed the definition of call recording software and why it’s such a useful tool for sales teams, let’s dive into some tools you may want to consider. .

Call Recording Software

1. HubSpot Call Tracker


HubSpot’s Call Tracker is a powerful tool capable of more than just recording calls — it helps you prioritize your sales calls based on who your highest-value prospects are. It also places and records phone calls for you, all from your browser (so you never have to pick up a phone!).

Then, all of your phone calls are automatically saved in your CRM for centralized record-keeping and accessibility in the future. Plus, choose if you want to record each of your calls or only specific ones in a single click.

2. call recording software

Source is an artificial intelligence (AI)-based meeting assistant capable of recording, transcribing, and searching voice conversations and phone calls. The tool automatically connects to a rep’s calendar so it can join any digital voice or web conference meeting.

It then records and transcribes the conversation and saves that information to the user dashboard. Once in the dashboard, a rep can search for and access that transcription or recording at any point in time.

3. Gong

gong call recording software


Gong is a remote sales tool and revenue intelligence platform with call recording and transcription capabilities. Gong works with any web conferencing platform, VoIP, or CRM, your team uses — simply integrate the tool and begin recording your calls.

With the automatic call transcription feature, you’ll not only be able to search for specific recordings but also for specific parts of a conversation. The AI behind Gong’s features helps sales reps and teams pull reports and insights that they can use to improve future calls, sales training, the sales process, and more.

4. Jiminny

jiminny call recording software


Jiminny is a revenue intelligence platform meant for remote sales teams — it includes AI-powered, automated call and meeting recording, transcription, and analytics. The CRM integration allows you to save and access call recordings and data in your CRM without ever leaving Jimminy. Jimminy saves and pairs meeting notes with your call recording so all contact details are organized and easily accessible.

5. CallRail

callrail call recording software


CallRail is a call tracking and marketing analytics tool with conversion intelligence, a lead center, and form tracking. The call recording feature allows you to access and listen to inbound and outbound calls at any point in time.

The pre-call voice announcement ensures you meet local, state, and federal call recording laws. Call recordings are paired with CallRail’s conversation intelligence — meaning, calls are analyzed and scored in terms of how qualified leads are based on the conversation between the prospect and rep.

6. Wingman

wingman call recording software


Wingman is a conversation intelligence platform for sales teams — it has sales coaching, sales pipeline visibility, and sales enablement capabilities. Wingman’s call recording feature helps you highlight specific moments from a conversation with a prospect that you can learn from or replicate in the future.

The platform also integrates with a number of CRMs, sales dialers, and video conferencing software to keep all conversations and contact information in a central location, at your fingertips.

7. CallTrackingMetrics

calltrackingmetrics call recording software


CallTrackingMetrics is an all-in-one call tracking and contact center platform with call recording and transcriptions. The tool makes it easy to refer and listen to previous conversations with prospects — meaning, it’s ideal for teams and reps looking to share, give, and receive call feedback.

8. RingCentral

ringcentral call recording software


RingCentral is a cloud-based communication and collaboration platform for message, video, and phone. Automatic call recording is one of the many features RingCentral offers — admins enable automatic recordings for all of their inbound and outbound calls.

Record, download, and playback recordings at any point in time via any device. To ensure call recordings are legal, an announcement is played prior to a rep speaking with a prospect to get consent.

9. Twilio

twilio call recording software


Twilio is a communication API platform made for sales, service, ops, and marketing focused on SMS, voice, and video. The programmable voice feature allows you to place, receive, monitor, search, and record calls from anywhere. Your call recordings are safely stored with public-key encryption so all conversations remain secure.

Call recording software is powerful — it gives you the necessary information to follow-up with prospects effectively and in a targeted way. It also helps you improve your selling technique, sales process, training, and more. Consider the various tools above, choose the right option for your team, and start recording.