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‘Tis the Season to be Worried

That’s it. It’s here. Thanksgiving week, with the 2020 BFCM (not familiar with this acronym? First, if you read PostFunnel, you should be. Second, Google it. It’s perfectly safe for work. Also, you’re working from home, so no one knows what’s on your screen anyhow).

A few months ago, someone started using the word “Shipageddon” to describe what’s going to happen on this year’s holiday/shipping season. I’m not sure exactly when it started or who deserves the credit, but judging by many reports – retailers, carriers, and customers are starting to feel it.

Back in October, when the delayed Amazon Prime Day unofficially kicked-off the early-early-bird shopping season, The Wall Street Journal already reported that some carriers had to refuse packages. And this week, we already heard about how when buying directly from Apple’s official website, some users could not expect their package until after Christmas, and that with new lockdowns, Amazon might have to prioritize essential products – pushing non-essentials to the back of the line.

We have touched on this topic extensively in recent weeks, doing our best to help our readers prepare their marketing strategy for this period.

We had this:

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And that:

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And, finally, this:

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And since this period is running now and for 5-6 weeks, there are still things you can do.

And now, just before it’s really too late, we wanted to send you off with this: an infographic showcasing how we got here, and by doing so, maybe learning something about the future shopping seasons. Here’s to a great 2020 finale!


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