Get Real-Time COVID-19 Case Number Updates by Text (Public Service Announcement)

Automated email and channel marketing software provider AdBase, headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota, has just launched a free service that allows people to subscribe via text message to get near-real-time updates if and when their local area has more confirmed cases of COVID-19—including number infected, deaths, and recoveries.

Texts show the percentile difference per day or since the last report.  Founder Nicolas Wegener created it to let his remote team and extended family know if they were in a heavily infected area or not.

The updates are helpful for those who want to track virus cases without media noise or who want to stay informed about what is going on around them in real time.  As an example, a subscriber in Cook County would see zero cases reported in each category, but also the overall state totals; whereas a subscriber in Washington County would see three cases reported (at the time of this writing).

As time goes on—for example, if in the next two hours, if there are two more cases discovered in Washington County—subscribers will get a text letting them know of the change.

There is no charge for this service, nor any ads sent, only the COVID-19 case updates. AdBase is giving this away to the public.

The tool is only populated with Minnesota data thus far, but the company plans to add data for the entire U.S., starting with Florida, Arizona, and New York. AdBase also plans to make the information available in additional languages beyond English.

To try it out, text your zip code to 1-218-4-COVID-0 a/k/a 1-218-426-8430

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