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What Makes a Successful Startup? The Secret Science of Scaling

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Can you guess the number one killer of startups? Let’s say it at the same time: premature obsession with top-line revenue growth! Oh, wait, that wasn’t the same thing you were thinking?

You see, it’s not really a matter of if you should scale your business — it’s more a question of when. Now, that’s not to say we shouldn’t focus on growth. Far from it. Instead, what we need to focus on is not only how fast to scale but when to scale. And to find that formula, it takes a scientific, data-driven approach.

Welcome to the Science of Scaling, a new podcast from the HubSpot Podcast Network, all about how to scale your revenue and sales.

Each week, host Mark Roberge (Founding CRO at HubSpot CRO, senior lecturer at Harvard Business School, and Co-Founder of Stage 2 Capital) sits down with the most successful sales leaders in tech to learn the secrets, strategies, and tactics to scaling your company’s growth.

In this week’s episode, Mark is joined by Kyle Parrish (VP of Sales at Figma) to discuss:

  • How to hire and integrate your first sales hire.
  • Why Kyle spent his first month at Figma working in the support department, and how this experience shaped him into a more effective leader.
  • The importance of product feedback loops, and how sales teams can (and should) collaborate with support, engineering, and product teams. 
  • The changing perception of sales in modern organizations — from just closing leads to building relationships and creating value.

For the inside scoop, listen now.