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No More Searching: Get CRM Record Info in One Handy Overview

HubSpot’s February release included a new feature that gives you a holistic look at your customer. Rather than searching for information in a few places, you get it all at once with the new CRM Record Overview. 

Other updates we’re excited about: multi-language variants on your webpages, currency options on app marketplace listings, and more.

Here are four HubSpot updates we’re highlighting this month.

CRM Record Overview

In the past, you had to search through the left sidebar, timeline, and right sidebar to gather information on records in HubSpot. It was a cumbersome process that has since been vanquished by HubSpot’s latest release: CRM Record Overview.

Now, when you search for a record in your CRM, the overview space on the record page will give you all the information you need to complete a task, including key properties, a summary of your recent communications, and association tables. By default, the following will always display: create date, last activity date, lifecycle stage (contacts and companies), deal stage, and ticket status.

This feature is available to all hubs and tiers, but those with Professional and Enterprise tiers can customize their overview tab.

Learn more about this feature.

Other Cool HubSpot Updates

Here are a few other features we’re looking forward to using.

Improved Speaker Matching on Transcripts

Let’s face it: transcripts don’t always get it right. Who is talking? Who said what? They said THAT? HubSpot’s latest update helps match speakers to their names in a transcript so nothing gets lost in translation.

There are two ways to do this. First, you can change the name on a transcript by selecting the person’s name from a dropdown of call participants.

For Sales and Service Pro+ customers, you can go one step further and have the names of the speakers automatically matched by HubSpot’s AI on two-party Zoom calls transcribed by HubSpot.

Multi-Language Variant Limit for CMS Free & Starter

Reach more people by translating your pages into other languages with HubSpot’s language switcher module. Adding this module will allow your page visitors to select their preferred language.
This update applies to all products and plans, but accounts with a CMS Hub Starter subscription or those using HubSpot’s free tools are limited to three language variations per page. 

Learn how to add it to your pages here.

App Multi-Currencies

Looking for another way to reach more customers? You can now list your integration products in the app marketplace under multiple currencies besides USD (U.S. Dollar). Choose from nearly 200 currencies as you upload your newest product.

Read about all of February’s new features here.

Get a Better View of Your Customer

With HubSpot’s latest update, you’ll be able to catch a better glimpse of your customer all in one place. This will save you time and make you more efficient in your outreach efforts. If you’re looking for other ways to optimize your HubSpot portal, reach out to our onboarding team today.

We can help configure your portal in ways that will help you streamline operations, sales, and your bottom line.