Daily SEO Fix: Investigating Keyword Cannibalization

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Keyword cannibalization occurs when a website has too many similar keywords spread throughout the various pages on that site. This can harm the SEO potential of the pages involved, and can quite often go unnoticed for some time. When more than one page has the same, or a similar keyword target, those pages will then start to compete with each other, also creating confusion in the eyes of the search engine, resulting in a struggle to decide which page to rank for what term.

Remember: a single URL can rank for multiple keywords, which is 100% fine. The problem of keyword cannibalization occurs when two or more separateURLs are all competing for the same keyword.

To ensure that a website’s best content is ranking well, you should identify which of your pages are targeting the same keywords. You can then put together a strategy for monitoring and fixing these issues on a regular basis.

In this Daily SEO Fix edition, we take you through what keyword cannibalization is, how to investigate it on your own website, and how to solve any potential issues your site may have. 

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What is Keyword Cannibalization?

First, Samantha will define keyword cannibalization, and explain why it should ultimately be avoided.

Use Moz Tools to Investigate Keyword Cannibalization

In this video, Emilie will talk through how to investigate potential keyword cannibalization issues with Moz Pro’s Keyword Explorer tool.

Solutions for Cannibalization

In this video, Emilie will discuss potential solutions to tackle cannibalization issues.

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