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How Do Social Media Comments Impact Business Sales?

Today, people of all age groups actively use social media. Businesses that do not take advantage of the digital world and its benefits cannot appeal to large audiences. That is why it is necessary to evaluate the various opportunities that social media offers us.

Likes, comments, direct messages… Social media engagements are one of the most important factors in the growth of a brand. For example, customers can indicate whether they are satisfied with the service they provide by commenting on a business’s Instagram account. These comments on Instagram are seen by other user accounts and accordingly an impression is created about that business. Moreover, research revealed that when a customer receives a response from a brand on Twitter, they are willing to spend 20% or more on that brand’s products in the future. Considering all this, social media comments impact business sales hugely.

Social Media Comments Impact Business Sales


When a customer receives a response from a brand on Twitter, they are willing to spend 20% or more on that brand’s products in the future.
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Role of Social Media Comments for Business

Social media comments are a kind of feedback mechanism. These comments enable businesses that provide services in a certain area to notice their good or bad aspects. Comments on Twitter and Instagram lead to significant changes in the sales of businesses today.

Effects of Negative Social Media Comments on Business Sales

For example, a business account on jewelry sent the wrong product by making a mistake in some people’s orders. These customers can talk about their problems by commenting on the business’s social media accounts. If this business ignores and doesn’t follow comments, it might have a bad reputation.

Likewise, some common complaint comments from different people on social media are also important. Because they serve as a guide to what these businesses need to change in their services. These negative social media comments alert businesses to many issues, including product defects and poor shipping conditions.

Importance of Negative Social Media Comments 

According to a survey on Twitter, customers are more willing to pay for responsive businesses that take social media comments into account. Any business that does not respond to customers’ questions and problems will not be able to escape people’s arrows of criticism. Thus, bad comments on social media made by customers will negatively affect the sales of the business.

Businesses that consider social media comments will benefit greatly, especially in terms of brand awareness. People want their ideas and complaints to be heard and appropriate solutions found when necessary. Also, they want the feedback received from the brands to be fast.

Responsive businesses grow by:

  • Getting more social media comments from users who visit their business accounts,
  • Getting more attention from non-followers,
  • Getting more social media feedback.
  • Also, perception is felt that the business is not only competitive but also responsive
  • When all this comes together, customers are willing to pay more.

Positive social media comments have positive effect on business sales

Effects of Positive Social Media Comments on Business Sales

Since social media marketing is very economical, brands are trying to improve their images in digital environments. They can advertise their products and services with photos, videos, and stories shared on social media platforms. The likes and comments on the posts made by the businesses are very important for the sales of these businesses. Brands especially need to develop strategies that can increase social media engagement.

According to a study, 3 out of 4 consumers trust a company with positive reviews more. Recently, influencers on social media inform their audiences with their recommendation to purchase a purchase by considering the comments of many people about a product, especially these famous people. 

Grow Your Business with Positive Comments

Social Media Comments on Business Sales of brands sometimes make the businesses grow much more, sometimes they can be the end of that business. Customers feel valued when their comments receive replies or likes. That’s why brands need to monitor the comments on social media closely. Some of the things businesses can do about this topic include:

  • Responses can be offered even if users haven’t directly commented on that brand or asked for help. Responding to brand reviews indicates that this business is paying attention.
  • A customer can be promoted by sharing a successfully resolved support interaction. This is like a way to thank customers.
  • A team photo or a representative can be used. It is important in terms of the relationship between the face of the brand and the names behind it.
  • A previously solved problem can be followed up. Thus, the love and trust of the customers towards the brand increases even more.Socialays analyze social comments

3 out of 4 consumers trust a company with positive reviews more.
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Tracking Comments on Social Media

Customer interactions are the fundamental factor that creates a brand’s identity. A good customer experience ensures good recognition. Undoubtedly, a brand should reach statistical data by monitoring the metrics of all these engagements. 

Socialays offers the service of analytical data owned by a brand. Socialays can view engagement rates and categorize them by reading comments on the brand’s account. In addition to categorizing positive, negative, and neutral comments, Socialays can prevent malicious or spammy unsolicited comments from appearing.

Impact of Social Media Comments on Customer Engagement

It is quite important today to benefit from social media for business growth. Social media and business sales are highly interconnected.

The effects of social media on businesses are briefly as follows:

  • Increasing brand reliability

One of the most important issues that can put a business ahead of its competitors is the reliability of the brand. If customers trust a brand, they never doubt when purchasing products from that business. Some positive comments made by people on social media are effective in the growth of the brand.

  • Increasing brand-customer engagements

Traditional product promotions to date have limited the customer engagements of brands. However, with the spread of social media platforms, businesses’ engagements with customers have become much more frequent and easier. Especially on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, customers often share their opinions about the services they receive. People’s positive and negative comments on business accounts directly affect customer engagement.

Social Media Comments Leading Business Growth

33% of users prefer to contact brands using social media instead of making a phone call.
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  • Leading Business Growth

Engagements between businesses and customers increase the brand’s sales and brand loyalty. One report revealed that 52% of social media marketers believe social media positively influences their company’s revenue and sales. Thanks to social media, businesses can reach much larger audiences.

Furthermore, social media is a very conducive environment for information about a business to spread quickly. A survey shows that 89% of consumers say they would be ‘fairly’ or ‘highly’ likely to use a business that responds to all reviews, both positive and negative. These social media comments about businesses are important for this brand to gain new potential customers. When people talk about a service they like, it both increases business sales and improves that brand’s customer engagement.

  • Promoting Business with Social Media Comments

A brand can announce its services to much larger audiences through social media engagements. User comments on social platforms directly affect the engagement rates of posts by companies. Businesses whose services are appreciated by almost all customers receive positive comments, and this feedback ensures that other people have a positive impression of that brand. Approved by others, this business also improves customer engagements and therefore brand growth is inevitable.

Sometimes businesses may receive negative comments on social media. But if the necessary answers are given appropriately to these social media comments, this is not considered a problem in terms of customer engagement. People may tend to be more interested in some striking comments on social media. The concept of “negativity bias” was discovered by psychologists in 2001. According to this concept, in many areas of life, people are much more prone to remember negative things. That’s why, any bad comments about brands stay in other people’s minds more, which negatively impacts customer engagement.

Turn Your Customers Into Fans with Comments

33% of users prefer to contact brands using social media instead of making a phone call; that’s why user comments on social media hug business sales. People believe what others say about brands on social media. After these comments, people decide whether to purchase from the brand or not. After all, these comments affect customer engagements at the same rate. Positive approaches enable the brand to reach more potential customers.

However, sometimes the comments on social media do not reflect the correct information about the brands. To prevent these malicious rumors, the brand must be in constant interaction with its customers. Also, the reputation of the brand should be protected by removing harmful comments and answering relevant user comments on social media. When all this is applied, the brand can achieve the right type of engagement that will result in higher sales. At this point, brands can use tools to control negative comments on their social media accounts.

In the end, considering the above, it is seen that the biggest factor in increasing the sales of a business is social media. Social media is not just a means of communication, it has created a digital world on its own. Social media comments that have a huge impact on a business’s sales are a measure of brands’ service quality. All comments, positive or negative, should be checked frequently by brands and strategies should be developed accordingly.

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