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How to Write Awesome Content (Even in a Boring Niche)

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You can’t underestimate the value of blogging for a business. 90% of businesses use blogs for marketing — 55% of which report more website visitors than businesses without blogs. Marketers say that business blogging gets 13 times more ROI for their company.

What you think is boring depends on the industry of your business. For example, writing about real estate tax or foreign exchange rates may seem boring for a content marketer who is used to writing about influencer trends or omni-channel marketing.

Don’t worry; you can create engaging content for a boring niche with the help of a great content marketing strategy.

Read on to find out some tips on how to write amazing blog posts about niche industry topics.

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Why blogging is good for your business
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10 Tips for Writing Blog Posts That Aren’t Boring

Making a what-could-be-boring post as interesting as possible can be done in as little as 10 steps.

Be Clear About Your Target Audience

It’s a fundamental step in writing blog posts: know your target audience. For industry-specific topics, you need to know what kinds of people will be reading your blogs.

Understanding your target audience, knowing their needs, and speaking their language will help you create valuable and relatable content for them and beyond. By knowing exactly who you’re speaking to, you’re able to get creative with your posts.

What pop culture references can you make based on their favorite shows or brands? What relevant topics can you sometimes do in between informational posts that will grab their interest?

Let your target audience be your source of inspiration and creativity, and you can bet you’ll have a better time writing those awesome blog posts.

Don’t know how to find the perfect target audience for your blog? Look no further than this blog post here.

Listen to What Your Customers are Asking

If you’ve hit a brick wall when it comes to writing blogs for a niche topic, you should start thinking like your customer. What questions are your customers asking? Where do they get their answers?

One way of finding out what your customers want is to go to query sites, like Quora and Reddit. You can gather content ideas for your blog from what the users are posting or asking about. Then, you can do further research about the topic before diving into the writing. Be sure to compose a catchy title and collate valuable information about the topic.

Reddit blogs

People can ask very specific questions on forums — giving you excellent feedback on the kinds of blog posts to write next.

Now that you know what your target audience is asking, you can optimize your blog posts to get higher rankings on Google search results. That way, your target audience will easily find your blog and refer to you as an industry expert on the topic.

Choose the Right Blog Post Format

That’s right. Not all blog formats are created equal. The right format for your blog post depends on what you want to achieve.

Listicles are a tried and tested form for business blogging. Long form content and lists are effective in getting more backlinks. Aside from being very informative and easy to read, long lists are often saved on read-later apps, so your audience will always refer to your blogs for key takeaways. Plus, long list blogs get more social shares as well.

Research-heavy and data-driven posts help establish your business blog as an industry expert. It takes time and a lot of research to write, but these kinds of posts can grow your traffic.

Now that you have increased traffic on your site, blogging about your success stories will help turn that traffic into conversions. Getting influencers involved to share your success stories will even make your posts go viral.

Average shares by content type with OkDork

Write Like You Talk

Another way to write engaging content about a boring topic is to add personality in your blog posts. Since the topic is already quite obscure, your readers want to find a way to connect with you and your business. Just because the topic is technical doesn’t mean it should sound tedious like a textbook.

Talk to your audience like the way you talk to a colleague or a friend. Using technical jargon may not be effective, as it may drive away interested audiences who might find it too difficult to understand.

Social Media Examiner blog post
Social Media Examiner

The author of this blog post presents a technical topic about fast loading sites, but communicates it in a tone and voice that is easy for readers to understand.

A friendly tone and style of blogging is an effective communication strategy and builds more trust among your audience. Depending on your brand’s personality, you might be able to include GIFs or other fun media types to help connect with your audience and really get that friendly personality across.

Follow the K.I.S.S. Method

If the topic is complicated and boring enough as it is, it’s best to K.I.S.S. (Keep It Short and Simple). Organize your thoughts before you write and identify the main points of your blog post.

Writing an outline with distinct headings will also provide an overview of the article for readers who are quickly looking for information on your blog post. Remember not to overwhelm your readers with too much information; otherwise, they might leave your site from information overload.

If you need a little help sprucing up your outlines, try asking yourself these questions:

  • What should my blog reader know by the end of this blog post?
  • Why should they read this blog post until the end?
  • What are different points that will help them understand this topic in the simplest way possible?

Get Inspiration from Magazines and Tabloids

Ever wonder why magazines and tabloids still get a lot of readers? Short and clear headlines easily catch the attention of readers. A clear headline includes an action verb and expresses a benefit or value to the audience.

Expert marketers know how to grab a customer’s attention with a catchy headline. You can use tools, like CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer, to write and test headlines before you publish a blog post. You can choose from effective power words — supported by data and a real score — to improve your headlines.

Glossier blog postGlossier combines well-crafted content with social responsibility.

Strategically Mix Things Up

Blog posts may get old and outdated, but other posts may be consistent top performers. You can add value to old blog posts by updating them with new information or examples. You can also republish top performing content alongside your new posts.

You might even benefit from trying out different ways of writing your posts. Can you perhaps use a main YouTube video by a different brand or creator as a piece to comment on in your post? Perhaps you can even compile and roundup expert tips and opinions gathered via email or trending tweets.

You can use tools, like CoSchedule’s Blog Calendar, to help you organize and schedule your blog and social content in one centralized platform.

CoSchedule social media calendar

Put the Spotlight on Your Reader

Your readers might have stumbled upon your blog post because they are looking for an answer to their problem or concern. That’s why you should immediately provide value to the reader by telling them how you can help solve their problem.

For example, accounting company FreshBooks figured out a great way to create engaging and interesting content about taxes and accounting. They publish informative articles about the ABCs of taxes for readers that need the basics, and they also publish content about more in-depth topics for expert readers.

FreshBooks blog homepage

Make Your Blog Look Sexy

Well-written content and eye-catching visuals are only effective for your business if your readers can easily access and navigate your website.

Your business website must also be optimized for mobile users, since 52.2% of all website traffic is now generated from mobile devices. While you’ll need to keep things, like images and custom fonts, inside your site — which can take up bandwidth and potentially slow down your site. There are other ways you can offload some of the work from your blog.

For instance, instead of hosting videos straight from your site, upload them on YouTube or Vimeo then embed them on your pages. Instead of uploading downloadable files and PDFs on your blog, offload these with robust cloud storage apps, and simply send the public link to your users.

Make your blog look sexy

Some other ways to revamp your blog for better user experience:

  • Use content boxes to highlight different elements, like quotes or important data between paragraphs.
  • Keep paragraphs between 2–3 lines for readability.
  • Use only relevant images and take it easy on the stock photography.
  • Insert your opt-in forms between paragraphs to break up walls of text. blog

Neil Patel’s blog is famous for short paragraphs and several images and videos that help break a long wall of text.

Add the Right Visuals

It’s tiring for anyone to read a wall of text. That’s why strategically placed visuals, like illustrations and infographics, can increase engagement and social shares.

You can add informative graphs or even short clips on your blog post to get your readers to engage with your content. Infographics are also known to get more traffic and inbound links when added to a blog post.

Experiment with memes and GIFs to spruce up posts as well, but use them sparingly and never in place of graphs and charts that can help you communicate your point better.

Key Takeaways

Who says blogging has to be boring? With a well-planned content marketing and the right tools, you can write amazing blog posts about even the most boring topics. Sign up for CoSchedule’s Free Trial to get started on creating engaging content for any industry under the sun.

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