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14 Impressive Examples of Realtor Bios That Win Clients [Template]

First impressions matter, and when potential clients find your real estate website, they’ll be looking for information about you and your expertise. The best way to share these details is with a bio that provides background on your real estate experience.

Why is a bio so important? A study by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) found that 52% of home buyers found their home on the internet. And before they reach out about a listing, they’ll want to know the qualifications and background of the Realtor.

Let’s take a look at the steps to create an excellent Realtor bio and look at bio examples from Realtors.

1. State your real estate experience. 

Just like in any profession, prospective customers evaluate real estate providers based on their credibility and authority. They want to ensure they’re making a good choice, selecting someone who won’t waste their time or spoil the experience. You can appeal to this by stating how long you’ve been in real estate, why you do what you do, and what makes you a good choice.

2. Convey your connection to the area you sell in. 

It helps to have an agent who knows the local area and is familiar with the ebbs and flows of its market. For this reason, people with a background in the local area should convey it in their bio.

  • How long have you lived here?
  • What do you like about living here?
  • Did you go to school here?
  • How have you served the community?

3. Emphasize the value you provide clients.

Ultimately, you’ll want to convey what you offer clients that your competitors don’t. Try to avoid emphasizing abstract statements like “I provide great customer service” because anyone can claim it. Instead, highlight what makes you unique.  

4. Include any of your special designations (if applicable).

If you’ve done any continuing education or certifications, you have a deeper and richer understanding of the profession, and this can benefit your clients greatly. It also helps to further your credibility.

5. Provide any past sales statistics (if applicable). 

Numbers serve as quantitative “proof” of the claims you make, so don’t shy away from providing them. 

  • How many families have you served?
  • How much in sales have you secured for sellers?
  • How do you rank among agents in your brokerage?

6. Include any awards you’ve won (if applicable).

If you’re an award-winning agent, prospects will view you as an authority and will be more likely to trust you. Don’t be afraid to brag. You earned those awards on your own merit.

7. Tell a story or include personal information about yourself.

The goal of your bio isn’t just to get potential clients to trust you. It’s also about getting them to know and like you. Behind that headshot is a human with interests and hobbies, so break the ice by providing some of that context. 

Excellent Real Estate Agent Bio Examples

If you want some inspiration, the bios below are fantastic examples to learn from.

1. Rene Rodriguez

Rene’s bio is comprehensive, and it provides detail about the value he provides to customers. He also includes impressive sales statistics to boost his credibility.

Favorite line: A high-touch broker known for his extensive market knowledge and his unmatched devotion to clients, Rene’s success is based almost exclusively on positive referrals. He earns the respect of his clients by working tirelessly on their behalf and by always offering them candid advice.

2. Danielle Lazier

danielle lazier realtor bio

Danielle Lazier’s bio is detailed and includes a high-quality photo of herself. She highlights her success as a real estate agent and keeps things light-hearted by including a few personal details about herself.

Favorite line: Reared in the Tri-State Area (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut) and Dallas, Texas, I have an effective combination of Southern charm and Northeastern tenacity. I like to win (for my clients) but do so with a calm demeanor and a smile.

3. Brendan Bartic

brendan bartic realtor bio

This bio is brief, but it includes all of the key information about this Realtor. Not only does Brendan include an impressive sales statistic, he includes details about his prior experience in the army and about how he gives back to his community.

Favorite line: As a Colorado native, and a seasoned real estate professional, I recognize and value the trust my clients place in me and I strive every day to exceed their expectations. I have been a leading top producer for over 18 years. My sales consistently rank in the top 1% of all Keller Williams Teams Internationally.

4. Missy Stagers

missy stagers realtor bio

Missy goes in detail into her previous experience, providing concrete numbers for social proof. She then discusses her humanitarian efforts to further underscore she’s an agent the reader can trust.

Favorite line: Missy has been consistently in the top 10 of San Antonio’s real estate teams and number 1 agent for Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper, Realtors her 17 years there.

5. Paul Burrowes

paul burrowes realtor bio

His bio uses numbered points to emphasize key details. In this case, these points are the promises Paul makes to his clients and the important things he does for them.

Favorite line: Paul Burrowes brings fourteen years of experience in real estate, excellent customer service and a commitment to work hard, listen and follow through. He provides quality service to build relationships with clients and more importantly, maintain those relationships by communicating effectively.

6. Cyndie Gawain

cyndie gawain realtor bio

Cyndie’s bio is short and sweet. She details her experience and emphasizes the high-quality service she provides to clients. This excellent service results in repeat customers and referrals.

Favorite line: Her business is based on more than 80 percent referrals from satisfied clients. Most important to Gawain is providing the most excellent service to buyers and sellers in order to earn their trust, referrals, and repeat business.

7. Kaukaha “K” Watanabe

kaukaha watanabe realtor bio

This agent bio discusses where he’s from and what he likes to do, which humanizes him to prospective clients, before delving into his professional experience.

Favorite line: K has an extensive professional background in Sales and Management. He began his career in real estate in late 2007 and since then his real estate team has helped over 1,500 families purchase and sell their properties here in Tucson, Arizona.

8. Elizabeth Bain

elizabeth bain realtor bio

Elizabeth tells a personal story in her bio that highlights her passion for real estate. She provides detail on her real estate background and personal interests. And Elizabeth makes it clear she’s passionate about the customer.

Favorite line: As a Realtor, her first priority is to make her clients happy. She listens to her clients’ wants and needs to achieve the best outcome in every transaction, and she strives to ensure that the buying or selling process is fun, easy, and stress-free. Her clients can count on her any time of day when they have a question or a concern. 

9. Dionelle (Don) Davis

don davis realtor bio

In Don’s bio, he mentions the areas of real estate that he works in and the number of clients he’s assisted. He includes a section to highlight how he trained and helped new Realtors in his region, and this emphasizes his real estate expertise.

Favorite line: Throughout his real estate career, Don has trained and helped over 10 Texas Licensed Real Estate Agents to embrace real estate as a full-time career, experience ranging from six months to 35 years. Two of these agents have successfully started their own real estate companies. Don has owned and managed a real estate company and has a great appreciation for the work that it takes to be successful in the real estate industry.

10. Elizabeth Putnam

elizabeth putnam realtor bio

Elizabeth’s bio builds credibility by emphasizing her experience as a native resident of the region she’s working in. She tells a story that will grab prospects’ attention.

Favorite line: As an Asheville native, I witnessed its great transformation – from a boarded up and desolate downtown into a bustling metropolitan city that retains its small-town feel. My intimate knowledge of this region, and my experiences of having lived here all of my life give me enthusiasm and a desire to make my home, your home.

11. Kevin Spina

kevin spina realtor bio

Kevin’s bio demonstrates the key traits he possesses that make him an excellent Realtor. And he writes extensively about his community involvement and philanthropy.

Favorite line: Kevin Spina is conscientious Realtor who exudes credibility, commitment, and determination. Kevin’s passion for real estate is apparent through his excellent communication skills and a warm and friendly approach.

12. Kenneth Brown

kenneth brown realtor bio

This agent emphasizes his integration with the community, which helps prospects get a sense of his personality and feel good that he knows the area. In addition, it’s formatted as a story, which makes the read engaging.

Favorite Line: KB has always had a passion for Real Estate, but was never able to pursue the career because of the demands of being a student-athlete. When the opportunity became available, he seized it!

13. Kym E. Booke

kym booke realtor bio

In this bio, the clients are the focus. Kym E. Booke states that she undrstands the challenges and frustrations and brings that empathy to each situation. This bio also plays to the agent’s strengths well by calling out her unique designation, elevating her credibility.

Favorite Line: Did you know that only 1% of all Realtors have earned the CNE (Certified Negotiation Expert) designation?

14. Peter Kui

peter kui realtor bio

From the outset, this bio calls out the agent’s specialties and accreditations to help solidify the idea that he can help home buyers and sellers.

Favorite Line: Although location is important, Peter recognizes that his clients should be prioritized over all else. He stays committed to their interests, understanding how important the decision to buy or sell a property can be.

Real Estate Agent Bio Templates

Whether you’re an experienced agent or new to real estate, a bio can help set you apart from other Realtors. Here are real estate bio templates you can use to create your own.

Experienced Real Estate Agent Bio

[Your name] has a passion for real estate, and helping clients achieve [X goals]. [He/she/they] have been a licensed Realtor for [number of years] and a top-performing agent at [your agency].[Your name] has dedicated [number of years] helping clients buy and sell property with [insert sales statistics]. [He/she/they] have extensive knowledge and experience in [your region/market].

In [his/her/their] free time, [your name] participates in [club, society, volunteer group] and enjoys [your hobbies].

New Real Estate Agent Bio

I am [city/region] real estate agent who works with home [buyers/sellers]. After graduating from [your college], I had [X experience] and took [X courses] that inspired my passion for real estate. My enthusiasm for helping others and [your skills/characteristics] help me connect with clients and provide them with the best service possible.

When I’m not assisting my real estate clients, I enjoy [spending time with family, volunteering, participating in X hobby, etc.].

Creative Real Estate Agent Bio

Since the age of [your age at the time], I began to develop my love for real estate. I’d build homes out of Legos and practice my selling techniques with my Lego people. This passion has stuck with me from childhood through adulthood.

After graduating from [your college], I got my [Realtor license or certification]. For the past [X years], I’ve assisted [number of clients]. I strive to provide high-quality, personalized service to each and every person I work with.

In my spare time, I enjoy [your hobbies]. And I participate in [volunteer group, club, etc.].

Feel free to elaborate on certain elements of each template. Is there an intriguing story you can tell? Or is there an interesting fact you can share?

With a well-written bio, clients will be eager to work with you.

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in December 2018 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.