Watch: Social Media Marketing During COVID-19

Many small business owners are unsure how to proceed with their marketing and communications in the midst of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Social media is still a great way to reach your audience and market. But you must be cautious and sensitive with your messaging. 

Watch our free webinar on social media marketing during COVID-19

In this on-demand webinar, we discuss ideas and tips for using social media in today’s world. You’ll learn: 

  • Tips for marketing your business or organization on social
  • Ideas to engage and communicate without sounding insensitive
  • How to easily create and manage your organic social efforts within Constant Contact


  • Find the Small Business Support Kit
  • Communicating Sensitively During a Crisis
  • How Nonprofits Can Use Video to Engage Supporters During a Crisis
  • Need to connect your Instagram page to Facebook? 
  • Get the Guide: Making Sense of Online Marketing
  • Have additional questions? Join our Small Business Support Kit Forum on Facebook to connect with our experts as well as other small business owners like you. 

“This webinar was a great way to learn how Constant Contact can help you manage your online marketing over different platforms contained in one space with all the tools you need to advertise, post, track analytics, and respond to potential customers. Well done Stephanie, Patrick and Abby! Thank you.”

Webinar attendee

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