Watch: Create & Manage Virtual Events in Constant Contact

In this time of social distancing, we’re all doing business a little differently. You may find yourself considering hosting your first virtual event to stay in touch with your customers and prospects while keeping a safe distance. 

Whether you need to move your existing class, seminar, or workshop or you’re creating a new program to move online, virtual events can help you to continue running your business and expand your reach.

Watch our free webinar and host your first virtual event

In this on-demand webinar, we’ll walk you through using the Constant Contact Event Management tool to save time and focus on hosting your event.  We’ll go over:

  • Tips for setting up your virtual event
  • How to edit & manage your event details
  • How to track event registrants & manage your event


  • Setting up a WePay account
  • Overview of setting up an event
  • Video tutorial of creating an event
  • Want to learn more about running nonprofit events?
  • Small Business Support Kit
  • Have additional questions? Join our Small Business Support Kit Forum on Facebook to connect with our experts as well as other small business owners like you.

“This information was invaluable! Thank you so much. I thought I lost my business. I teach cooking to children of all ages and came to the webinar hoping to learn how to launch my virtual classes and got so much more. Selling products I can have clients pick up kits to join in and participate with me. Very inspirational. Stay safe. Stay home. Reduce the curve!”

Webinar attendee

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