GTM 99: Mastering Customer Success in the AI New Age with Jon Dick

Jon Dick is the Global SVP of Customer Success at HubSpot where he’s focused on helping millions of organizations grow better. Prior to customer success, Jon led marketing teams at HubSpot, Trunk Club, and Klout. He has a background in improvised comedy and earned his MBA from the Harvard Business School.

Discussed in this Episode:

  • The rising importance of customer success in the age of AI and efficiency.
  • Balancing proactive and reactive strategies to serve 200,000+ customers.
  • The evolution of content marketing from “clicks to conversations”.
  • Choosing people over product and finding passion in your work.
  • The power of generalists and the pitfalls of over-specialization in CS.
  • Go-to-market tactics that are working for HubSpot, from chatbots to intent data.


3:22 – John’s experience with improv comedy and how it applies to business.

9:45 – Is an MBA still relevant for today’s fast-changing market?

13:44 – The new age of customer success and rising importance of AI.

18:49 – Balancing proactive and reactive strategies to serve 200,000+ HubSpot customers.

24:25 – The shift from “clicks to conversations” in content marketing.

34:29 – The power of working with people you like and John’s HBS reunion story.

42:09 – Structuring customer success teams for series B companies.

48:15 – One thing revenue leaders believe to be true that Jon thinks is bull$***: obsessing

over lead volume instead of lead value.

50:49 – One thing that is working for Jon in go-to-market right now: leveraging chatbots and intent data to drive conversions.

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