GTM 100: GTMnow, Building a Media Brand on Top of GTMfund

In this milestone 100th episode, Scott is joined by Sophie Buonassisi, VP of Marketing at GTMfund and GTMnow and a key architect behind the media brand’s growth. Sophie leads media, marketing and community across the fund and the media company. 

Discussed in this Episode:

  • The evolution of GTMfund’s media strategy to multi-channel brand.
  • Insights on building a profitable media company within a venture capital firm.
  • Key metrics and growth strategies for the GTMnow brand and assets.
  • Lessons learned from acquiring and rebranding a media property.
  • The power of community-driven content and in-person events.


2:45 – Reflecting on the podcast’s journey.

6:05 – Importance of in-person events.

10:03 – Building in public approach.

14:04 – Reacquiring Sales Hacker and rebranding.

16:15 – GTM Now: Content and metrics.

23:48 – Failed experiments and learning experiences.

28:34 – Leveraging ecosystem for distribution.

34:01 – Importance of in-person feedback.

36:39 – Content creation process and tools.

46:09 – Which top 10 podcast episodes.

1:04:20 – Future plans for GTMnow.

Guest Speaker Links (Sophie Buonassisi):
GTMnow Website: 

Host Speaker Links (Scott Barker):


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This podcast is produced by GTMnow, the media brand of VC firm GTMfund – sharing insight on go-to-market from working with hundreds of portfolio companies backed by over 350 of the best go-to-market executives.

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