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Increase Efficiency With HubSpot Meetings

When it comes to closing deals, sales calls play a crucial role. However, scheduling these calls can be a major source of stress and frustration, even for experienced sales representatives. That’s where HubSpot Meetings comes in — it streamlines the scheduling process, giving your leads the power to effortlessly book appointments with sales reps that fit their schedule. And if changes need to be made, rescheduling is a breeze. This solution empowers your sales team to focus on what they do best — selling — without the hassle of coordinating schedules.

Let’s dive into what this tool is, how it saves time, and how you can set it up during your work day!

What Is the HubSpot Meetings Tool?

HubSpot Meetings is a tool available in Sales Hub that simplifies the appointment scheduling process for sales reps. It allows your team to create fully customizable calendars that sync with your work calendar, showing only available times and dates that prospects can claim by filling out a customizable form. Once submitted, the calendar will automatically schedule the meeting on your rep’s calendar, along with any pertinent information you chose to have the prospect provide on the form.

Compatible with Google and Microsoft 365, this calendar always shows updated availability, allowing you to streamline the scheduling process. HubSpot Meetings also enables you to create round-robin calendars if multiple team members can take certain types of meetings. This self-service functionality allows prospects to schedule when their interest is high without necessitating communication with the sales rep directly.

 With HubSpot Meetings, you can customize your meetings by adding team members, tailoring individual calendars, and editing the required and optional information collected on the form. Additionally, you can turn on or off confirmation emails and/or set pre-meeting reminders to be sent out to attendees at a specified time before the meeting start time.

Saving Time With HubSpot Meetings

As noted, HubSpot Meetings streamlines the meeting scheduling process. Your team will no longer have to go back and forth with potential attendees to find a convenient time for everyone. You won’t have to spend hours creating custom meeting links. No one will have to remember to send reminders or follow-ups to help everyone prepare and stay focused during the meeting.

The tool eliminates all of this and lets you focus on what truly matters – having productive and efficient meetings – instead of spending time on the administrative tasks that come with scheduling. Watch the video below if you’re not completely convinced yet.

How to Set up HubSpot Meetings

Now that you know what HubSpot Meetings is and why you need it, how do you set it up? It takes just a few short steps. After connecting your inbox, you can find HubSpot Meetings under your sales tools on your HubSpot dashboard. Once you click into meetings tools, you’ll see a default meetings calendar. Clicking edit on this meeting or creating a new one will give you the following options:

Section 1: Overview

Here, you can edit the meeting type, name, location, and description that will auto-populate to the calendar event. In this section, you can also edit the scheduler’s ability to cancel or reschedule in the calendar event itself.

Section 2: Team members

To ensure you have all relevant parties present at a meeting, you can add other team members to a single meeting link. If there are multiple users in a meeting, both calendars will be taken into account when showing availability. Whether it’s a group meeting or a round-robin, you’ll add all relevant users here.

Section 3: Scheduling

In this section, you’ll title your meeting, choose duration options, confirm your time zone, and set availability. The ability to set availability allows you to tailor individual calendars to block out days and times that are not already taken over by other events.

Additional settings in this section allow you even more customization options, such as image avatar, availability windows by day or week, buffer times, minimum notice time, language, and default time and date format.

In this same  section, you can edit the required and optional information collected on the form, turn on CAPTCHA, GDPR requirements, and edit the confirmation page. With HubSpot payments, you can also choose to collect payments at the time of scheduling if you offer paid sessions with experts.

Section 4: Automation 

In this final section, you can turn on or off confirmation emails and/or set pre-meeting reminders to be sent out to attendees at a specified time before the meeting start time. 

Get Started with HubSpot Meetings

Overall, HubSpot Meetings is an easy-to-use tool that streamlines the scheduling process for sales reps, allowing them to focus on what they do best – closing deals. If you’re ready to supercharge your sales and marketing teams by getting them up and running with HubSpot Meetings and all the other tools that HubSpot has to offer, then schedule some time to learn about HubSpot onboarding! In no time, you’ll be reaping the benefits of increased efficiency and productivity.