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The 24 Best Sales Podcasts Every Rep Should Listen To in 2022

There’s a simpler way to learn new sales techniques than cracking open a dusty sales book. Whether you want to dive into B2B advice or interviews with business leaders, here are the best sales podcasts that every rep should listen to.

The next time you’re walking the dog, commuting, or exercising, pop in your earbuds and press “Play.” You’re well on your way to learning from sales leaders and experts.

1. Conversations with Women in Sales

  • Hosts: Lori Richardson, B2B Sales/Revenue Growth Strategist at Score More Sales
  • Length: Approximately 30 minutes
  • Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Stitcher

Dedicated to becoming the best resource for female sales professionals, Lori Richardson’s podcast is a platform for female sales leaders to share their stories. Episodes highlight leadership, career management, overcoming adversity, and more — all featuring female executives.

Notable Episodes:

  • Bet on Yourself and You’ll Always Win, Amy Franko, which helps listeners learn how to champion themselves.

2. Surf and Sales

  • Hosts: Scott Leese and Richard Harris, Co-founders of Surf and Sales
  • Length: 35-45 Minutes
  • Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Looking for a podcast with actionable advice? Look no further. Richard Harris and Scott Leese offer insight into what they see sales reps do right and wrong. No need to make mistakes when you can learn from the best!

Notable Episodes

  • People are the biggest problem — and the solution with Nick Larson: You’ll learn how to deal with people, who are the heart and the hurt of sales enablement. B2B Growth Sales Podcast Logo, Sweet Fish Media

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3. B2B Growth Show

  • Hosts: Benji Block, Sweet Fish Media Community Manager
  • Length: Approximately 20 minutes
  • Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | SoundCloud

This daily podcast is geared toward helping B2B sales executives achieve growth. Learn about sales team management, creative business development strategies, time-saving sales tools, and more.

Notable Episodes:

  • It’s Time for a New Marketing Scorecard, with Myles Madden: In this episode, Observe.AI Senior Demand Generation Manager Myles Madden talks about how to evaluate marketing.

4. The Advanced Selling Podcast

  • Hosts: Bryan Neale, Sales Trainer and Author, speaker; and Coach Bill Caskey
  • Length: 10-25 minutes
  • Listen on: Apple Podcasts

This podcast focuses on tactical tips and techniques you can implement immediately. One week, Caskey and Neale discuss lead generation; the next, they talk about communicating value or resolving objections about price.

You can get even more out of this podcast by downloading its app, which will give you access to bonus content and the ability to ask the hosts questions. Listeners can also join the LinkedIn group for the opportunity to connect with other sales professionals and swap advice.

Notable Episodes:

  • What Does Your Sales Culture Look Like?: In this episode, Caskey and Neale talk through what internal sales culture can look like and how that can impact the broader organization.

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5. Women in Tech Podcast

  • Hosts: Espree Devora, Producer of “The Girl who Gets it Done,” host of “,” “Uniting LA Startups,” and, of course, “”
  • Length: 20-60 minutes
  • Listen on: | Apple Podcasts

Get inspired by the top female executives in tech. You’ll discover tips on how to excel in your career, promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace, empower yourself as an independent business owner, and more.

Notable Episodes:

  • Dalana Brand of Twitter, Diversity and Inclusion as a Competitive Advantage: Twitter’s Vice President of People Experience and Head of Inclusion and Diversity shares why D&I is not just the right thing to do — but an imperative for the future of your business.

6. Sales Gravy

  • Host: Jeb Blount, Author of People Buy You
  • Length: 5-60 minutes
  • Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Stitcher

Excited about the idea of podcasts, but not sure when you’d have the time to actually listen to them? Try the Sales Gravy podcast. Most of its episodes are around five minutes, so you can easily fit them into your schedule.

Blount consistently shares practical and inspiring advice on everything from overcoming your fear of rejection to doubling your callback rate.

Notable Episodes:

  • Be Indispensable to Protect Your Job in a Volatile Economy: Changes in the economy can be uncertain and unsettling for employees. Jeb offers insights into how employees can become indispensable at their jobs.

7. The Salesman Podcast

  • Host: Will Barron, Founder of
  • Length: 30-45 minutes
  • Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Overcast

If you’re eager to learn more about the role of influence, body language, and psychology in sales, subscribe to this almost-daily podcast. Sales professionals at all levels will find value in Barron’s interviews. He has a knack for asking questions and letting his guests take center stage.

Along with sales leaders like Dave Kurlan and Trish Bertuzzi, you’ll hear from former FBI agents, Stanford University professors, and startup CEOs. Barron’s questions are designed to elicit tactical advice you can implement right away.

Notable Episodes:

  • This Is the Future Of Sales — Don’t Get Left Behind: Sales is a rapidly shifting industry. This interview will help you keep pace with changes and stay ahead of the trend.

8. Sales Success Stories

  • Host: Scott Ingram, Account Director at Relationship One
  • Length: 45-120 minutes
  • Listen on: Apple Podcasts

This podcast features interviews with the top 1% of sales professionals. Scott uncovers everything about the best sales leaders, including their favorite sales books, habits, routines, and tips.

Scott not only continues to produce a continuous stream of interviews with top performers but has also built the Sales Success Community to help listeners connect with like-minded sales achievers.

Notable Episodes:

  • Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone & Achieving Astonishing Results & A Touch of Personalization with Semrush’s Sean McLean: Ingram and McLean discuss career paths, challenges that one can anticipate in a career in sales, and how to bet on yourself.
  • HubSpot’s Top Account Executive — Nora Edmonds: Edmonds and Ingram discuss what it takes to be a top sales rep at HubSpot, taking a customer-first approach to sales, and the importance of truly believing in what you sell.

Sales Game Changers Podcast, Apple Podcasts

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9. Sales Game Changes

  • Host: Fred Diamond, Institute for Excellence in Sales Co-founder
  • Length: 20-30 minutes
  • Listen on: Apple Podcasts

On this podcast, sales expert Fred Diamond interviews well-known sales professionals from both B2B and B2C companies. The topics run the gamut from social selling and sales automation to balancing your priorities and eliminating excuses.

Every guest provides a fresh perspective on sales, making this show a great choice if you want to expand your knowledge.

Notable Episodes:

  • Sales, Confidence, and Leadership Excellence for Women in Sales with Melahni Ake and Shelly Bays: This episode offers advice to women in sales on how to empower yourself through confidence and advocate for yourself.

10. Self-Help(ful)

  • Host: Kevin Miller, CEO of Free Agent Academy
  • Length: 30-75 minutes
  • Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Stitcher

This top-ranked business podcast is focused on self-improvement. Each week, Miller spends roughly 30 minutes to an hour exploring new ways to improve your career.

Most of the episodes are inspired by Kevin Miller’s philosophy; however, they’re not explicitly focused on sales topics. To give you an idea, past subjects have included positive peer pressure, meditation, and purposeful procrastination.

Notable Episodes:

  • Reboot & Upgrade Your Mind & Capacity: Similar to how technology needs upgrades and reboots, Kevin talks about how the mind can use the same restart to unlock more creativity and power.

The Sales Evangelist Podcast Banner, The Sales Evangelist

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11. The Sales Evangelist

  • Host: Donald C. Kelly, Sales Coach and President at The Sales Evangelist LLC.
  • Length: 9-36 minutes
  • Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Stitcher

Enjoy tips and actionable wisdom from a B2B sales pro who knows how to hustle in this daily podcast. Sales trainer Donald Kelly interviews experts in sales, business, and marketing, so you can learn how to take your career up a notch.

Notable Episodes:

  • Rethinking the Way You Sell: Sales expert Jeff Bajorek talks about salesperson-centric versus customer-centric selling, the power of connection, strategies for scaling, and more.

12. Value Builders

  • Host: Dave Duke, Co-Founder of MetaCX.
  • Length: 25-35 minutes
  • Listen on: Apple Podcasts

This podcast focuses on the unique challenges of startup sales. However, its tips are applicable whether you’re working at a young company or a large-scale enterprise. The podcast is an ongoing conversation about the evolving role of value creation in business relationships.

Notable Episodes:

  • Cassie Young of Primary Venture Partners on using customer success fundamentals to catapult a venture portfolio to success, why retention is the cheapest form of growth, and why the CCO is on a trajectory to be the new CRO: Get practical suggestions on building, organizing, and managing your customer retention, as well as advice for customizing your sales process to different situations.

13. Sales Enablement

  • Host: Andy Paul, Speaker, Sales Strategist, and Author of “Zero-Time Selling: 10 Essential Steps to Accelerate Every Company’s Sales
  • Length: 18-49 minutes
  • Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Spotify

Six times a week, Paul interviews sales giants like Jeffrey Gitomer, Robert Cialdini, and Jill Konrath. You’ll learn strategic insights to generate value for your customers and advance your career.

Notable Episodes:

  • Challengers Don’t Settle for the Status Quo: Jennifer Allen, Chief Evangelist at Challenger, demystifies the five sales mindsets and focuses on how to best optimize them.

14. Get in the Door: Sales Prospecting Strategies & Tactics

  • Host: Steve Kloyda, Founder of The Prospecting Expert
  • Length: 10-35 minutes
  • Listen on: Apple Podcasts

“Get in the Door” is a podcast that focuses exclusively on helping you connect with new accounts. During each episode, host Steve Kloyda interweaves practical suggestions with examples and stories from his own sales career. Kloyda believes strongly in serving the customer and thinking about the “why” behind your goals.

Notable Episodes:

  • A $250,000 Sale In Fifteen Minutes: You’ll learn how to work with objections, instead of “handling” them — and how this approach can help you win huge deals.

15. The Sales Babble Podcast

  • Host: Pat Helmers, Creator of Selling With Confidence
  • Length: 15-35 minutes
  • Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Android

This show features selling tips for small and medium businesses and entrepreneurs. Helmers explains sales concepts in easy-to-understand, plain language.

The topics range from broad (prospecting, setting the right mindset, winning referrals) to specific (selling new or unproven products, selling to government institutions, and more).

Notable Episodes:

  • How to Sell Big Clients and Win Tremendous Deals, with Melinda Chen: Sales executive Melinda Chen shares her tips for targeting the right big accounts, gaining access to hard-to-reach decision makers, and framing your value proposition.

16. The Jordan Harbinger Show

  • Host: Jordan Harbinger, Social Interaction Expert
  • Length: 5-80 minutes
  • Listen on: Apple Podcasts

If you can’t form genuine connections with your prospects, you’ll probably struggle. But all hope isn’t lost if you’re not naturally charismatic. Harbinger says he was lacking the social skills he needed to advance professionally — so he decided to learn them. Now, he shares his insights with his podcast audience.

Each episode features several fresh, research-backed tips from guests like Simon Sinek, Nilofer Merchant, and David Burkus.

Notable Episodes:

  • Why Success and Happiness Aren’t Mutually Exclusive: Shawn Achor, a leading expert on the connection between happiness and success, talks about why you’ll perform better if you help others operate at their best.

Sell or Die Podcast Logo, Sell or Die Podcast

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17. Sell or Die

  • Hosts: Jeffrey Gitomer, Author of Little Red Book of Selling, and Jennifer Gluckow, LinkedIn and Networking Expert
  • Length: 5-60 minutes
  • Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Stitcher

Together, Gitomer and Gluckow have created a podcast that centers around the art and science of selling. They invite leaders in sales, marketing, and personal development to join the conversation on each episode. Listen to lively discussions on dealing with rejection, artificial intelligence in sales, and more.

Notable Episodes:

  • The Power of Language in Life & Sales: Gitomer interviews the founders of Enlifted, Mark England and Adam Chin, as they talk about the power of language.

18. Sales Pipeline Radio

  • Host: Matt Heinz, President of Heinz Marketing
  • Length: 22-30 minutes
  • Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Stitcher

Have you caught the latest wave in sales growth? Industry favorite Matt Heinz is here to help. Each episode features an expert in B2B sales or marketing.

Learn about driving greater volume, velocity, and conversion of sales pipelines — from demand gen to lead management and more. The goal? To help you find, manage, and win more business.

Notable Episodes:

  • Real Talk with a Successful B2B Sales Rep: Morgan J. Ingram, a sales development manager at Terminus, talks video, social selling, and ABM.
  • Stories and Data: 3 Proven Methods for More Accurate Sales Forecasting: HubSpot’s very own director of sales, Michael Pici, shares how he got his start in sales and his thoughts on sales forecasting.

19. Make It Happen Mondays — B2B Sales with John Barrows

  • Host: John Barrows, founder of JBarrows Sales Training
  • Length: 30 minutes
  • Listen on: Apple Podcasts

This sales podcast is recorded live on Facebook every Monday and covers everything in the sales cycle from calling to closing, along with career growth and success topics. Each episode features actionable takeaways and anecdotes from John’s career.

Notable Episodes:

  • The Queen of Automation: Is the future of sales automated? Self-processed “Queen of Automation” Lisa Catto believes so. Catto shares her insight into the new age of automation.

20. The Sales Podcast

  • Host: Wes Schaeffer, CEO of The Sales Whisperer CEO
  • Length: 25-90 minutes
  • Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Spotify

Host Wes Schaeffer answers questions about growing your sales, inbound selling, and the entrepreneurial mindset. Looking for a straightforward, practical take on sales? This is your podcast.

Notable Episodes:

  • Michelle Weinstein is the Pitch Queen: Shark Tank veteran Michelle Weinstein shares her tips on adding value on top of value, anticipating and addressing objections in your pitch, and her secrets for practicing.

21. SaaStr

  • Hosts: Jason M. Lemkin, Founder of SaaStr, and Harry Stebbings of The Twenty Minute VC
  • Length: Approximately 30 minutes
  • Listen on: Apple Podcasts | SoundCloud | PodBean

Hear weekly interviews of the most prominent operators and investors on how to attain success in the world of SaaS. You’ll learn how to get from $0 to $100 million annual recurring revenue (ARR), how to scale, and how to hire. Sales, investing, and entrepreneurial tips meld effortlessly in this industry-favorite podcast.

Notable Episodes:

  • Why It Is Harder To Go Enterprise Down Than SMB Up: SaaS exec Paul Albright discusses what an efficient sales and marketing engine looks like, how to build it, and why it’s harder to go SMB up than enterprise down.

22. Conquer Local with George Leith

  • Hosts: George Leith, Chief Revenue Officer of Vendasta
  • Length: 25-30 minutes
  • Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Google Play | Soundcloud

If selling to local businesses is your game, this weekly podcast is chock-full of tips and strategies that make it easier. In each episode, George Leith interviews sales leaders and talks about his own 30 years of experience in the industry.

Notable Episodes:

  • Rand Fishkin: Startup struggles & sales strategies: In this episode, George sits down with Rand Fishkin to talk about his experience growing Moz, and what he learned as an entrepreneur and CEO.

The Failure Factor Podcast Logo, Apple Podcasts

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23. The Failure Factor

  • Hosts: Megan Bruneau, Therapist and Executive Coach
  • Length: Approximately one hour
  • Listen on: Apple Podcasts | TuneIn

For salespeople, fear might look like worrying that if you miss your quota again, you’ll lose your job. Fear is part of a salesperson’s career, and therapist Megan Bruneau has strategies to help you do more than cope with it. She shares how listeners can capitalize on their failures to achieve fulfillment and success.

Notable Episodes:

  • Alchemy 43 Founder and CEO Nicci Levy on Seeing “No” As a Starting Point and No One Knowing Your Business Better Than You Do: Nicci Levy, founder and CEO of Alchemy 43, talks about empowering wisdom for taking risks and persevering through challenges that she learned along the way.

24. The Sales Hacker Podcast

  • Host: Sam Jacobs
  • Length: Approximately 50 minutes
  • Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Website

The Sales Hacker Podcast is carefully designed to give you tangible, practical insights about B2B sales. Every Tuesday, top vice presidents of sales, investors, and founders gather ‘round the sales roundtable to break down sales strategies, make you think, and help you deliver a gut punch to your sales goals.

They also have a shorter Friday Fundamentals episode each week. Learn actionable selling techniques and tips. Plus, brush up on important basics every Friday with Sam and his guests.

Notable episodes:

  • How to Move from Feature Selling to Gap Selling, with Keenan
  • John Barrows on The Secrets to Being a Successful Account Executive

Roughly one in five U.S. adults say they’re monthly podcast listeners. If you’re not already one of them, the shows on this list might convert you. For more sales resources, listen to our playlist of motivational songs next.

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