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50 Social Selling Statistics You Need to Know in 2023

Social selling is a unique opportunity to naturally and non-intrusively engage prospective buyers through social media. In this post, you’ll explore 50 social selling statistics to help you get started.

Whether you’re wondering if social selling is a good investment or what platforms you should be leveraging to maximize your ROI, this post will provide actionable insights for your business.

Social Selling Statistics

1. 61% of organizations engaged in social selling report revenue growth.

2. Sales professionals who use social selling close 40-50% more new business than those who don’t.

3. According to LinkedIn, 78% of businesses that use social selling outperform those that don’t.

4. Plus, businesses that prioritize social selling are 51% more likely to reach their sales quota, according to LinkedIn data.

social selling statistics, sales professionals with a strong social selling index on LinkedIn have 45% more sales opportunities than those who don’t

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5. Sales professionals with a strong social selling index on LinkedIn have 45% more sales opportunities than those who don’t.

6. One in three B2B salespeople says social selling has increased the number of leads they work with, according to CSI Insights.

7. Audiences exposed to brand messages on LinkedIn are 6x more likely to convert, according to data from the social company.

8. In one LinkedIn study, 31% of sales reps using social selling reported closing deals worth over $500,000 without a single in-person meeting with the buyer.

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Customer Engagement Statistics

9. 75% of B2B buyers use social media to make buying decisions, according to research from LinkedIn.

10. 43.5% of internet users leverage social networks for online brand research when making buying decisions, according to Hootsuite research from 2022.

11. Hootsuite also found that 49.6% of internet users between the ages of 16 and 24, prefer to use social networks for online brand research.

12. 34% of customers want to be contacted via social media sites, according to 2022 data from LinkedIn.

13. 68% of consumers made at least one purchase directly from social media in 2021, according to data from Social Sprout.

14. 98% of shoppers surveyed by Social Sprout said they plan to make at least one purchase through social shopping or influencer commerce in 2022.

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15. Social media is especially influential for the Gen Z buyer’s journey. Of Gen Z consumers, 97% use social media as their top source of shopping inspiration, according to a 2022 report from the Influencer Marketing Factory.

16. 55% of TikTok users research new brands and products on the platform, according to 2022 findings from TikTok.

17. 48% of TikTok users discover new products on the platform through content created by the brand itself.

18. Another 38% of TikTok users interact with content posted by brands while conducting product research.

19. 66% of TikTok users are likely to purchase something while on the platform, according to TikTok’s 2021 “Marketing Science Global Entertainment” report. A visible example of this is the hashtag “TikTokMadeMeBuyIt” which currently has over 20 billion views.

20. 70% of YouTube viewers say that the platform makes them aware of new brands, according to a 2020 Google/Talk Shoppe study.

21. YouTube viewers are also four times more likely to use the platform (versus other platforms) for product/brand research.

22. Social media is projected to generate $1.2 trillion in transactions by 2025, according to research from Accenture.

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Social Selling Adoption Statistics

23. Social media is currently the top marketing channel for 44% of marketers, according to HubSpot’s 2022 State of Inbound Marketing Trends Report.

social selling statistics, HubSpot research found social media is currently the top marketing channel for 44% of marketers.

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24. 50.1% of sales reps actively engaged in social selling spend 5-10% of their time on social media, according to reports from the Social Media and Sales Quota Survey.

25. Sellers identified social networking sites as one of their top 3 preferred outreach methods, according to LinkedIn’s 2022 State of Sales Report.

26. Over 40% of sellers are “very active for business purposes” on LinkedIn, Whatsapp, and Twitter.

27. 89% of B2B marketers are already using LinkedIn to generate leads.

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Social Selling Best Practice Statistics

What social media platforms should you be leveraging?

28. YouTube (81%), Facebook (69%), Instagram (40%), Pinterest (31%), and LinkedIn (28%) are the most used social media platforms among adults in the U.S., according to the Pew Research Center.

29. If your team wants to reach a younger demographic, consider TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat. Of 18- to 29-year-olds, 71% say they use Instagram, 65% use Snapchat, and over 30% use TikTok.

30. If you want to reach high-income earners, consider LinkedIn. According to 2021 data from LinkedIn, site users buy more products than those on other platforms. They are also currently “in-market” to buy from more product categories.

31. If you want to reach high spenders, consider TikTok. According to findings from a 2022 TikTok study, buyers that visit TikTok as part of their purchase journey claim to spend 1.6x more on their purchases than those who don’t.

32. If you are a B2B salesperson, consider LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube. A 2021 Statista survey of B2B marketers found that the top-performing social media networks for B2B marketing are LinkedIn (79% of respondents), Facebook (79% of respondents), and YouTube (54% of respondents).

33. LinkedIn will also be useful if you are a B2B salesperson targeting decision-makers. There are currently almost 16 million LinkedIn users with ownership or senior C-suite positions within their organizations.

34. If you’re looking to increase U.S. sales, consider YouTube. Of internet users in the U.S., 81% frequent YouTube, according to findings from a 2021 survey by Statista.

35. If you’re targeting customers in the U.S. and Asia, consider TikTok. The United States and Indonesia make up the platform’s largest audiences with 136 million and 99 million users respectively.

36. If you want to sell to millennial professionals, consider LinkedIn. According to Statista, nearly 60% of LinkedIn users worldwide are millennials (between the ages of 25 and 34 years old).

37. For e-commerce sales teams, consider YouTube. According to Statista, the top two most visited websites from redirects in a YouTube video were Google and Amazon.

38. If video is a part of your sales strategy, consider Instagram. HubSpot’s 2022 video marketing survey found that Instagram produces the highest ROI for video content.

39. YouTube is another lucrative option for selling via video. The platform produces the second-highest ROI and lead generation results for video marketing.

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How to Leverage Social Media Platforms for Maximum ROI

40. For TikTok social selling, collaboration is key. According to findings from the company, TikTokers feel like the best brands on the platform are those that “share ideas and work together with users.”

41. For LinkedIn social selling, begin by growing your network. According to LinkedIn’s 2022 State of Sales report, salespeople who exceeded their quota by over 50% were two times as likely to have expanded their LinkedIn network in the past year compared with those who didn’t.

42. If you’re active on LinkedIn, focus on InMails. Of InMail responses, 65% arrive within 24 hours, and 90% arrive within one week.

43. However, avoid sending InMails over the weekend. According to LinkedIn, InMails sent on Saturday get 8% fewer responses than average. On Friday, the response rate is 4% below average.

44. Keep your LinkedIn messages short. Messages with 400 words or less have a 22% higher than the average response rate for all InMails.

45. One final InMail tip: Avoid bulk messages. Personalized InMails that are sent individually see 15% higher response rates than those sent in bulk.

46. For social selling across all platforms, experiment with various content formats. The top 3 media formats marketers use in 2022 are videos (59%), blogs (48%), and images (46%), according to HubSpot’s 2022 State of Inbound Marketing Trends Report.

47. That said, video garners engagement on social media. The most effective social content formats are short-form videos (85%) and live videos/streaming (70%), according to 2022 HubSpot research.

48. Additionally, 88% of people say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video, according to a 2022 survey from Wyzowl.

49. Integrate live video into your sales strategy. One 2021 TikTok study found that 50% of TikTok users have bought something after watching a TikTok LIVE.

50. Finally, when making videos for any platform, consider creating how-to video content and live streams. These are two of the top 5 most viewed video content formats, according to Hootsuite’s 2022 “Global State of Digital” report.

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Did any of these statistics surprise you? As the business landscape changes, so will best practices for connecting with potential customers virtually. Head to this post for a complete run-down on social selling to learn more.

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