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Ads We Loved: September to Remember and all that Jazz

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  • A rundown of the most memorable ads from September

Ah September. The kids are back to school. The air feels crisper. And the creative ads serve lessons we’re eager to absorb. We explored our favorites this month and just why they feel so memorable.

UberEats: Tonight I’ll be Eating

Lil Nas X and Elton John reveal their dinner plans while riding mechanical rockets — a nod to John’s song “Rocket Man.” The duo receive their orders via Uber Eats and Elton John tries to get Lil Nas X to pay for his order, but the rapper declares, “You don’t look broke.”

DHL: No Time to Die 

The 90-second spot sees a DHL courier set out to deliver a package to Bond, while chaos erupts around him, Meanwhile, Bond is chased through the streets of Shanghai. 

Why we love it: This ad pays homage to the iconic film franchise and is a pretty good watch.

Carter’s Made for This: Voicemail

A new mom conquers her nerves as she embarks on bathing her baby while an empathetic voicemail from her mother plays in the background.

Why we love it: America’s favorite baby brand presents parenthood authentically and reminds parents of their strength and how amazing they are.

Wholesome: The Batchmaker 

Wholesome’s heartwarming brand campaign highlights how the Batch maker, Cris Rojas Agurcia, has supported her community with her mantra, “People first. Cake second.

Why we love it:  This ad lives up to Wholesome’s ethos of generosity and shows how baking brings people together.

Goat Organic Apparel: Proudly made in Bangladesh

Goat Organic Apparel | Proudly made in Bangladesh from We are Duffree on Vimeo.

This ad begins with a display of ‘made in’ labels, while we hear a voice saying, “the labels inside our clothes show us where our clothes are made, but not always how.”

Why we love it: With this ad, Goat Organic Apparel celebrates its ethical standards and raises awareness about the inhumane treatment of workers within the fashion industry.

Jollibee: Chicken Sandwich Justice


This ad begins with- “Has your chicken sandwich been too dry, too bland or just plain joyless? Then you need a powerful chicken sandwich lawyer. Call me, Chris P. Poultry, chicken sandwich attorney-at-law. I’ll fight to make sure you get the chicken sandwich you deserve.

Why we love it: This fun campaign takes a cheeky approach to emphasize that chicken sandwiches should inspire joy.

Wrangler: For the Ride of Life

Denim icon Wrangler’s latest campaign features real people pursuing new adventures and channelling the cowboy spirit.

Why we love it: The ad celebrates those who live with optimism, joy and courage, no matter where their ride of life may lead.

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