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Power Up Salesforce Pardot with These AppExchange Apps

This piece was originally published by AppExchange on Medium.

Our community knows that AppExchange is all about doing more with Salesforce. Whether you’re looking for a solution with no code, low code, or lots of code, AppExchange is the most trusted enterprise cloud marketplace to accelerate your digital transformation journey.

And one of the most powerful Salesforce platforms for marketers is Pardot, a B2B marketing automation solution that helps companies build and nurture relationships with prospects and customers. So we’re excited to announce that a Pardot collection is now available on AppExchange, featuring a growing selection of Salesforce Pardot apps from some of our most trusted partners. 

For Prasanna Vijayakumar, Pardot’s senior director of product management, the beauty of AppExchange is its flexibility and scalability. 

“In conversations with our customers, they talk about the sheer number of systems they touch every day. Salesforce research shows that the average enterprise has 900 different applications. And the martech space isn’t getting any smaller. Building native integrations for every solution just isn’t possible,” Prasanna explained. “So we want to make sure that we have the right set of hooks for our customers and partners to come in and design what they need to improve their workflows, get access to better data, and help them achieve their goals.”

This new Pardot collection on AppExchange brings apps together in a central location and improves their discoverability. “We’re excited to see how the improved visibility extends their impact,” Prasanna said.

The Pardot collection launches with essential solutions for everything from data privacy to account-based marketing (ABM). Take a look at the starting lineup and learn more about the value they bring.

Email Digest for Pardot
Created by Sercante

This is the first of two Pardot apps coming from Sercante. Get an easy-to-read weekly summary of your activity in Pardot, and use the insights to plan system improvements or keep stakeholders informed.

Vidyard – Video for Salesforce
Created by Vidyard

Now you can easily add video to email marketing programs and landing pages inside of Pardot. Track every piece of individual viewer data right inside the contact record. Score leads, create dynamic lists, and build drip nurtures based on what they watch.

Created by Transcend

This app automates privacy requests by connecting and managing data across different systems — helping teams comply with regulations like GDPR and CCPA and giving individuals more control over their data.

6sense Sales Intelligence
Created by 6sense

Uncover which companies and contacts are in-market and ready to buy now based on data insights into the buyer’s research journey. Then, accurately predict what and when a company will buy through time-sensitive predictive modeling.

Traction Complete Leads: Lead to Account Matching & Routing
Created by Traction on Demand

Get your leads to the right sales rep the first time with smart matching capabilities that handle complex situations, make any custom assignment flow possible, and drive more revenue growth with access to key metrics like lead response times and conversion rates at your fingertips.

Automated Opportunity Contact Roles
Created by Sercante

This is the second Pardot app from Sercante. Fill the gaps between Contacts and Opportunities to unleash native Salesforce Campaign Influence reporting and greater segmentation ability in Pardot. It’s a great option for marketing teams that need to show value and need more options for targeting contacts throughout the sales cycle.

Terminus B2B Account-Based Marketing
Created by Terminus

Orchestrate ABM campaigns to engage key decision-makers at best-fit accounts, and find the right decision-makers within target accounts to serve them ads across the web, mobile, video, and social channels.

Demandbase ABM
Created by Demandbase, Inc.

This app offers a seamless, integrated ABM experience, giving B2B marketing teams access to Demandbase’s AI-enabled account-level data and intent signals so they can get a full view of target accounts, build actionable segments, and launch engagement campaigns.

Scan to Salesforce/Pardot – Business card scanner for iOS & Android
Created by Sansan, Inc.

Store vital data to empower your organization’s marketing with a simple business card scanner. Scan up to four business cards at once, validate data, zap new Leads, Contacts, and Accounts to Salesforce, and trigger a Pardot campaign — all based on a scan.

Send360 Direct Mail, Gifts & Kits for Customer 360 (formerly PrintSF)
Created by

Make sending direct mail, gifts, and kits as easy as email with the most popular direct mail solution in AppExchange — no APIs to code or IT resources needed. You can also send and track in any Salesforce Cloud, journey, or flow.

Vision-e – Scan business cards, Event badges to Salesforce, Pardot
Created by Vision-e

Scan any business card — once the image is in Salesforce and Pardot, users can easily add text and create a Contact or Lead on the Queue page. Get VCard files by email, text message, or AirDrop, then Share Contact to open in Vision-e Scan to process as a Lead or Contact.

Opensense – Email Signatures/Branding/Campaigns/Disclaimers/Analytics & Tracking
Created by Opensense, Inc.

This app offers a centralized, no-code way to manage the branding of all Salesforce and Pardot emails and email signatures. It also allows you to drive cross-sells and upsells with targeted signature campaigns and benefit from the most accurate email tracking and analytics.

Looking to the future

AppExchange presents great opportunities for Pardot customers to get creative about issues they want to solve. And when it comes to what’s possible, the sky’s the limit.

“If you’re a Pardot customer, look to your existing partners in the ecosystem and have a conversation about what it would take to integrate them more directly into Pardot and Salesforce,” Prasanna said. “If you’re a technology partner, take this opportunity to plug yourself into the ecosystem. If you’re a development organization, talk to customers to explore new custom solutions, especially those with fewer technical resources on staff. Opportunity is everywhere.”

The Pardot collection will grow over time with new apps and integrations. The first expansion is slated to coincide with Dreamforce 2021 — be sure to check back once Dreamforce is in full swing. 

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