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Podcasts for Marketing Leaders: August 2021

In the age of endless content, curation is king. And, since we know how especially bombarded marketing execs are, and how tiresome browsing through endless marketing content is – we’re here to help!

The 10 episodes bel0w – all from the month of August 2021 – are:

A – Top-notch content
B – ranging between 8 and 70 minutes
C – mostly not about marketing
D – will make you a better marketer

Choose the ones that fit your calendar and interests best, give them a listen in September, and come back in a month or so come back for more. Deal?


Facebook Ad Success Without Apple Data: Rethinking Your Strategy (50 mins)
Social Media Marketing Podcast, 5 Aug 

Wondering how to track Facebook ads attribution in 2021? Looking for guidance you can trust? To discover how to measure Facebook ads without relying on retargeting data, I interview John Grimshaw.


Paris Hilton On Building Your Personal Brand (24 mins)
9 to 5ish with theSkimm, 10 Aug

Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or working at a big company, everyone has a personal brand at work. And everything from your LinkedIn profile to your resume to your interview style adds to that brand. So this week, we sat down with the master of creating a personal brand, Paris Hilton, to talk about how she built hers. She’s not only the OG social media influencer, but she also created a persona that took the world by storm. And spoiler: investing in her brand paid off. Now, she’s got dozens of businesses, not to mention a new hit TV show on Netflix, “Cooking with Paris.”


Should We Worry As Billionaires Buy Up Newspapers? (41 mins)
Sway, 12 Aug

In 2018, Soon-Shiong — who minted his fortune by inventing a cancer drug in the 1990s — scooped up the Los Angeles Times, the San Diego Union-Tribune and a group of smaller newspapers for a cool $500 million. Since then, he’s been obsessed with two things: modernizing his media empire and continuing his medical pursuits, most recently with an experimental Covid-19 vaccine. In this conversation, Soon-Shiong and Kara Swisher discuss why he bought the L.A. Times, his plans for it and why he didn’t do more to save other local papers from the jaws of a newsroom-slashing hedge fund.


Essential (70 mins)
This American Life, 16 Aug

The pandemic forced jobs to change, but then the workers changed, too.


TikTok made me buy it (12 mins)
Recode Daily, Aug 18

TikTok has a tendency to make products fly off the shelves. But then they flame out fast. Vox’s in-house TikTok expert Rebecca Jennings explains the phenomenon, the relationship between influencers and brands, and the inevitable pitfalls that come with a rapid rise to recognition.


Why OnlyFans Banned Sexual Content (18 mins)
The Journal., 25 Aug

OnlyFans, an adult social-media platform, built a thriving business selling sexually explicit content. So why did it just ban sex? WSJ’s Georgia Wells explains the financial backstory to the company’s surprising move, and an OnlyFans creator weighs in on what it could mean for her.


When Will Sports TV Start Sounding More Like a Podcast? (49 mins)
The Press Box, 25 Aug

Bryan and David discuss the question: When will sports TV start to sound more like a podcast? They weigh in on the difference between the television and podcast art forms and the difference between the spheres of fame on both platforms. Then they talk through the evolution of television.


Keap Acquired CustomerHub (17 mins)
SaaS Interviews with CEOs, Startups, Founders, 26 Aug

Keap Acquired CustomerHub For $1-2m in 2011, Founders Bought Back in 2018, Now $500k in ARR: Simple knowledge commerce platform


Admit it, you rank your friends by how much they annoy you. Now, Google’s doing it for websites (8 mins)
Marketplace Tech, 26 Aug

What drives you nuts about surfing online? Maybe it’s news sites that autoplay videos or cooking pages that bury their actual recipes below expanding ads. Or maybe it’s your dad, who keeps sending you links to Hampster Dance. Well, for some of the things that make you pull your hair out while browsing, there may be hope. By the end of the month, Google will change how it ranks websites, so that ones that are harder to load are ranked lower. Will that make websites less annoying? Marketplace’s Jed Kim speaks to Simon Schnieders, founder of the search engine optimization agency Blue Array.


These Jobs Were Not Posted on ZipRecruiter (47 mins)
Freakonomics Radio, 26 Aug

In a conversation fresh from the Freakonomics Radio Network’s podcast laboratory, Michèle Flournoy (one of the highest-ranking women in Defense Department history) speaks with Cecil Haney (one of the U.S. Navy’s first Black four-star admirals) about nuclear deterrence, smart leadership, and how to do inclusion right.


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