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TikTok Delivers a Viral Advantage for Retailers

In this article:

  • Teens find fashion inspiration on TikTok
  • The combination of hashtags that make search easy and the extensive reach of influencer accounts make the social platform work well to draw attention to particular looks and products
  • Brands are getting on board

A recent CNBC article highlighted some of the brands that benefitted from having their products featured in popular TikTok videos. The social media platform that is particularly popular with Gen Z shapes their fashion choices and makes certain pieces the must-haves for the teen to twenty-something set.

“TikTok has the ability to make something go viral much quicker than anything we see on Instagram,” Jessica Ramirez, retail research analyst at Jane Hali & Associates, told CNBC. “For retailers, that is a huge advantage.”

The article referred to examples of distinctive pieces from Zara, Aerie, and Kate Spade that sold out after being featured in popular videos. Even Gap made a splash with its retro brown hoodie.

As reported in GQ, the #gaphoodie searchable hashtag garnered millions of views as a result of it having been worn by Barbara Kristoffersen in a video that got close to two million views back in January. GQ also provides the link to pre-order that sweatshirt with a price tag above $60, comparable to the price of a duplicate of the sweatshirt sold on Etsy.

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At the time I wrote this, though, the real thing was once again available through the Gap store for just $48. That’s substantially below the $300 that CNBC said resellers were getting for that item during peak obsession with it.

Perhaps members of Gen Z should take a lesson in economics from the viral impact on pricing. If they’re willing to wait on the product, they can save a lot on the price.

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