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Ads We Love: Post Pandemic Positivity

What’s in this article:

  • The 12th part of PostFunnel’s “Ads We Loved” series
  • A round-up of ads from brands that show positivity and optimism this summer

Welcome to the twelfth part of PostFunnel’s “Ads We Loved” series!

Before we begin, make sure to check out the entire series here.

Now for this month, take a look at some of our faves:

Heineken: The Night is Young

This ad shows a group of post-vaccinated seniors having fun on a night out! Celebrating the return to social life, Heineken’s ad is a fun twist to an old standard and encourages people to get vaccinated.

McDonald’s: Laughter

McDonald’s new ad is 60-seconds of pure laughter. The simple ad shows people laughing and focuses on the light-hearted moments of life that can be shared over a burger and fries. As McDonald’s reopens after initial lockdowns, this ad gets a thumbs up for serving authentic post-pandemic positivity.

Colgate: Be the Reason

Shot documentary style, this ad celebrates real people who have the courage and resilience to share their smiles with others despite challenges they may be facing. Colgate fosters post-pandemic optimism with its new campaign and reminds us that we all can impact our world positively.

ASDA: Arrive Like You Mean It

George at Asda’s back-to-school campaign shows a bunch of kids on their first morning back to school. Wearing their George at Asda school uniforms, the kids proudly rap a commentary on their return to school with the refrain, “Look who’s back.” After a year of stops, starts, and home-schooling, this ad perfectly captures positive energy and the excitement kids will feel when schools reopen.

Irn-Bru: The Good, The Bad and The Orangey

Set in a wild west saloon, the ad shows cowboys arguing and fighting over their definition of the taste of Irn-Bru. One lone cowboy enters the mayhem and restores order by proposing that everyone agrees “it tastes like magic” and finally restoring peace.

Apple: Haystack

In this one-minute ad, Apple shows a rancher in search of his lost iPhone – which happens to be in a huge haystack. The rancher pings the iPhone through his Apple Watch, which results in the iPhone playing a sound to help pinpoint its location. The ad plays on the “needle in a haystack” idiom and is set to the song “Searching (For Someone Like You)” by country singer Kitty Wells.

Lotus Baby: Make Life a Little Softer

This light-hearted and adorable ad follows a father as he attempts to put a newborn to bed. Of course, it’s never as easy as it seems. Showing a more realistic side of parenthood, Lotus baby redefines the chaos of childcare as something much more playful and cheery.

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