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Lynton Unveils New Core Purpose at Annual Retreat

Every year, our remote team gathers together to celebrate our efforts and take a holistic look at our company. Because of COVID-19, our retreat this year looked a little different, but the energy was all the same. As we unveiled our new core purpose, one may say it was more exciting than ever before.

Check out more about our first-ever virtual retreat.

Lynton’s New Core Purpose

The most important announcement of this company retreat was the unveiling of our new core purpose – the driving value that will ensure our business and employees flourish and move forward. We debuted it first thing in our virtual meeting room and paused to let everyone consider its weight.

You’re probably wondering what it is, right?

“Your Growth is Our Growth.”

Our core purpose is an emotional connection to why we do what we do at Lynton. It’s the reason we all get up in the morning and log onto Slack and ClickUp. It’s also the legacy we hope to leave on each and every one of our clients.

Most importantly, though, is that it’s not focused solely on our company. The critical ingredient is our people. “Your Growth is Our Growth” will make sure we’re celebrating, encouraging, and training our staff, not only professionally and personally. That’s because when everyone is their best version of themselves, they can truly succeed at anything.

Please don’t take our word for it, though. Here’s what some of our employees had to say when our CEO, Daniel Lynton, revealed the mantra:

“It means being the best we can be. Happier people do better work and can be passionate about what they do, which is contagious. Growing has so many segments – emotionally, mentally, and physically.”

“It’s a call to challenge myself, to push to be better – grow professionally and personally. It means when we grow together collectively, our clients prosper.”

“Growth doesn’t have to mean dollars and cents. To me, growth is more synonymous with life. As a kid, you want to grow big and strong. As an adult, you want to grow as a person. In a career, you want to develop new skills and obtain experience.” 


The 2021 North America Retreat Tour – Where We Introduced the Core Purpose

As mentioned, our retreat went virtual, with everyone spread across the continent in various, beautiful locations. Even though we held our events online, some employees met up to enjoy the Friday as a group. Others chose their own private AirBnBs, and some selected to stay at home. No matter where everyone was, we all enjoyed a packed day, including events like:

  • Coffee with our teams and showing our rentals
  • Revealing the new core purpose – arguably the best part of the day
  • A seminar with Petra Coach Chip Gallent, entitled “No Try Life,” where we learned skills to reach our goals
  • A guest HubSpot speaker Chris Moore, who explained his role in our company and how our organization has positively evolved over the years in the eyes of HubSpot
  • Team building  like “Who Knows Who Best” and small team competitions full of different exciting games
  • A final wrap from the leadership team who reiterated the ebbs and flows of the year so far and encouraged us to continue putting our best feet forward
  • Post retreat fun, including hiking, bar hopping, dining out, and relaxing

Looking Ahead

Despite this year’s retreat being significantly different from the years past, we’re all energized. And now, with our new core purpose in action, we have our eyes set on a meaningful future. One that you’ll hopefully get to be a part of; that is if you’re looking for a new HubSpot partner to work with.

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