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8 Google Chrome Extensions for the Inbound Marketer

As a modern integrated inbound marketing agency, a big chunk of our team uses Google Chrome. 

If we had to be honest, we live and breathe it. 

Because of this, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve our Chrome setups to be more efficient, effective, and intuitive. Our marketing team particularly has a strong relationship with the browser. We’re always hunting for methods to help us succeed in our roles! 

And you know what helps a lot? Chrome extensions! Here are a few that we believe genuinely make a difference in the daily lives of an inbound marketer. 

Grammarly: Where would our team be without Grammarly? This extension uses an AI algorithm to detect spelling, punctuation, syntax, and other common errors in any given text. That’s right. Grammarly will proofread everything from your emails to Facebook posts, helping you become a more concise writer. 

Awesome Screenshot: If your client has an issue on their website or some other aspect of their retainer, you’re going to want to let them know. You also want to ensure you describe it in good detail. The Awesome Screenshot extension will show people exactly what you see in just a click, so you can get to work on whatever it is! 

Loom: Want to go beyond a simple screenshot? Loom is a great extension tool for recording quick videos that help explain something in detail. For example, you can record your screen and teach a client or coworker how to use some functionality, making instructions or guidance easier than ever.  

Bitly: Every inbound marketer has heard of Bitly, but did you know it has a Google Chrome extension? You bet. One of the market’s longest-running short-link creators just made shortening your links even more accessible. 

Canva: A common hurdle for marketers when designing is a lack of time, budget, or skill. Canva is a quick tool that makes creating images for social and websites simple. With its Chrome extension, you can share and publish these designs across your different marketing platforms in one click!

Moz: If you want a high-level look at several different websites quickly, Moz’s Chrome extension, MozBar, is the tool for the job. It gives a snapshot of a page’s authority, meta descriptions, and inbound links. This can be most helpful in competitive research to determine what competitors are doing good marketing and SEO work.

Todoist: Often, marketers wear many hats, which makes remembering everything you need to do in a single workday slightly stressful. Todoist is a task management tool that provides users with a digital to-do list. The Chrome extension shows a drop-down of your day, right in the upper right-hand corner of your browser!

Google Docs: Do you essentially live inside Google Docs? A lot of marketers do! The Google Docs “Quick Create” extension allows you to create new Google Documents, Presentations, Sheets, and Draw Forms with just one click. If you want to save time spinning up a new document, then this extension is for you.

What is Your Go-To Extension?

With nearly 200,000 available extensions, our picks skim the surface. Still, we find them highly resourceful as we navigate the ins and outs of the digital marketing world. So, with that said, what’s on your list of Google Chrome extensions that make your job easier? We’d love to chat about them or anything inbound marketing-related! Drop us a line here.