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Take Your Sales Conversations to New Heights with Co-Pilot

The sales process for any company involves several steps – from demos to free trials and more.
Yet, you can’t get anywhere without that first, great 1:1 conversation with a prospect. With SyncSmart’s newest app, Co-Pilot, you can ensure your first and every subsequent interaction with a contact is first class.

What is Co-Pilot and How Does it Work?

Trying to impress your contact, but can’t think of an interesting topic? Need to take your conversations from economy to first class? Engage in meaningful discussion with every user? Then Co-Pilot, an easy-to-download app you can get from the HubSpot marketplace, is for you. After installing, the widget populates contextual information about your contacts. You’ll see that information appear on the right-hand side of an individual’s contact timeline.

What Can You Do with Co-Pilot?

The goal of Co-Pilot is to help improve your conversations, resulting in stronger relationships with important prospects or customers. Here are five ways to utilize Co-Pilot’s data:

  1. Talk About Local Weather. Hear us out. We know that not everyone wants to hear, “How’s the weather there?” With Co-Pilot, though, you don’t have to be so general. You can see their local forecast in real-time. So, instead of the usual quip, you might be able to say something like, “I see it’s snowing. Are you a fan of the snow?” Then, you’ll have more power to segue into a deeper conversation.
  2. Discuss Events. The Co-Pilot app shows upcoming events, including a countdown, for your contact’s local area. For example, if your contact lives in Boston, you would see a countdown for the Boston marathon. You could use that factoid to ask if they like running or if traffic closures affect them or something else related!
  3. Chat About Holiday Traditions. Love talking about the holidays but not sure what an international client may be celebrating? Co-Pilot shows all upcoming holidays based on location – globally! You can see what your contacts in Canada, Australia, or another country may be celebrating. This is useful for multiple reasons. You can chat about family traditions centered around their holidays. You can also see if the holiday is national, meaning their company may have the day off!
  4. Bring Up Current Headlines. Co-Pilot brings in not only local-based news but headlines about their company. You can weave either of these into natural conversation, but the company news may be particularly useful. For instance, if their company acquires another, you could discuss how that will impact their role or your relationship.
  5. Chat At The Right Time. Content for a conversation is essential. Knowing when – and when not – to reach out to your contacts is also crucial. Not many people want to chat about onboarding a service or purchasing a product at 6 a.m. Luckily, Co-Pilot shows their local time. It also has a time global converter if you need to schedule future meetings.
  6. Break The Ice. Not sure where to start and want to lighten the mood? Co-Pilot provides a joke of the day to get your conversation started. 

Why Use Co-Pilot?

There are multiple reasons to onboard Co-Pilot in your sales department. To reiterate, it can:

  • Help new sales executives become more confident
  • Take over and provide new topics to new and seasoned team members when they feel like their conversation may be crashing
  • Build trust and strengthen conversations by talking about things that relate to your contacts
  • Assist your entire team, including marketing or support– Co-Pilot is available to anyone in your HubSpot portal

Install Co-Pilot Today

Ready to stop diving straight into pricing and have more human, warmer conversations? Download Co-Pilot today. If you have any questions about installing or want to talk about other ways to empower your sales team, please reach out to our team.