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SyncSmart vs. HubSpot Operations Hub

The recent announcement of HubSpot’s newest solution, Operations Hub, is without a doubt exciting. However, if you’re a SyncSmart user or familiar with the brand, you may be confused. SyncSmart and Operations Hub rely heavily on data integration. So, does that make them the same?

Not quite.

Take a look at the core differences between SyncSmart and Operations Hub below.

What is SyncSmart?

SyncSmart is the subsidiary brand of Lynton, a HubSpot Elite Partner. SyncSmart offers various packaged and customized integrations that combine with the power of HubSpot’s marketing tools with other systems like a CRM or ERP. Generally speaking, most people come to SyncSmart seeking alignment of their sales and marketing teams. Some also seek integrations to better understand their financial, accounting, or project management data.

A packaged integration from SyncSmart allows you to download the integration you need, choose your syncing requirements, and get up and running. If you need something extra, like custom field mappings or replication of some unique process in their CRM or ERP, you can opt for a custom integration through SyncSmart’s managed support services. With managed support, you get access to a dedicated team who will work with you every step of the way, so your project meets your specific needs. That team will also actively monitor the health of your integration.

Other notable elements of SyncSmart:

  • All integrations are available on the SyncSmart site or the HubSpot app marketplace
  • Most integrations are bi-directional, meaning what syncs in one system syncs back to the other
  • Every integration has different pricing packages, depending on the amount of data and objects you need to sync
  • SyncSmart integrations offer a ton of benefits like automation, alignment, closed-loop reporting, personalization, data share, and more
  • There are more than just integrations available – you can download apps to help with things like eCommerce, Wix, and sales conversations

What is Operations Hub?

Operations Hub is the newest addition to the HubSpot growth stack. HubSpot built it to specifically help streamline a company’s Revenue Operations (RevOps) and ability to scale. Operations Hub empowers operation professionals to execute these RevOps strategies, cost-effectively set up go-to-markets, and delight customers – all in one place!

Data Sync is one feature that enables this efficiency and is most similar to SyncSmart. Data Sync connects your business apps to pre-built integrations (including some SyncSmart has and others it does not). You can choose what information to sync and update your choices as needed. Compared to SyncSmart, your options are limited. If you need something like custom field mappings, you may run into a problem.

Operations Hub also offers programmable automation in the form of custom-coded workflow actions, webhook actions in workflows, and custom-coded actions in bots. Data quality automation is another feature that ensures your data is clean. To access these features, you’ll need to buy different tiers of Operations Hub, which you can view here.

Which Service is Best for You?

If you are an operations professional looking to grow your business effectively, Operations Hub is a great option. It’s also beneficial if you’re already a part of the HubSpot ecosystem. If Operations Hub doesn’t provide enough customization or power, SyncSmart should be considered.  Why?

  1. It’s built for users not looking to sacrifice anything when it comes to their integration (again, you get complete control of what you want to sync)
  2. SyncSmart offers dedicated setup and onboarding options through managed support
  3. Every app and integration are created for HubSpot and listed on the App Marketplace
  4. Users can rest easy knowing their project is backed by a HubSpot Elite partner who is experienced in every HubSpot platform and can offer additional services

Hopefully, you can get a sense of the difference now and can make an informed decision! If you need any additional information on either SyncSmart or Operations Hub, you can reach out to our team. We’re happy to talk through both in more detail.